Tuesday, April 17, 2012

1204.3489 (Martin Fürst et al.)

Semi- and Non-relativistic Limit of the Dirac Dynamics with External

Martin Fürst, Max Lein
We show how to approximate Dirac dynamics for electronic initial states by semi- and non-relativistic dynamics. To leading order, these are generated by the semi- and non-relativistic Pauli hamiltonian where the kinetic energy is related to $\sqrt{m^2 + \xi^2}$ and $\xi^2 / 2m$, respectively. Higher-order corrections can in principle be computed to any order in the small parameter v/c which is the ratio of typical speeds to the speed of light. Our results imply the dynamics for electronic and positronic states decouple to any order in v/c << 1. To decide whether to get semi- or non-relativistic effective dynamics, one needs to choose a scaling for the kinetic momentum operator. Then the effective dynamics are derived using space-adiabatic perturbation theory by Panati et. al with the novel input of a magnetic pseudodifferential calculus adapted to either the semi- or non-relativistic scaling.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1204.3489

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