Friday, October 19, 2012

0901.0323 (J. Harnad et al.)

Convolution symmetries of integrable hierarchies, matrix models and

J. Harnad, A. Yu. Orlov

1002.2103 (Werner Kirsch et al.)

Lifshitz tails for a percolation model in the continuum    [PDF]

Werner Kirsch, Hatem Najar

1004.2959 (Yunhe Sheng)

On deformations of Lie algebroids    [PDF]

Yunhe Sheng

1009.2015 (Marco Tomamichel et al.)

The Uncertainty Relation for Smooth Entropies    [PDF]

Marco Tomamichel, Renato Renner

1106.2326 (M. Ottobre et al.)

Exponential return to equilibrium for hypoelliptic quadratic systems    [PDF]

M. Ottobre, G. A. Pavliotis, K. Pravda-Starov

1110.0237 (Fangxu Jing et al.)

Insights into symmetric and asymmetric vortex mergers using the core
growth model

Fangxu Jing, Eva Kanso, Paul K. Newton

1112.1776 (Jeong San Kim et al.)

Limitations to sharing entanglement    [PDF]

Jeong San Kim, Gilad Gour, Barry C. Sanders

1210.4976 (David Delphenich)

The role of integrability in a large class of physical systems    [PDF]

David Delphenich

1210.4499 (Yaiza Canzani et al.)

On the distribution of perturbations of propagated Schrödinger

Yaiza Canzani, Dmitry Jakobson, John Toth

1210.4939 (Hassan Allouba)

Time-fractional and memoryful $Δ^{2^{k}}$ SIEs on $\Rp\times\Rd$:
how far can we push white noise?

Hassan Allouba

1210.4946 (Daniel Braak)

Note on the Analytical Solution of the Rabi Model    [PDF]

Daniel Braak

1210.4949 (Fernando Guevara Vasquez et al.)

Pseudospectra of Isospectrally Reduced Matrices and Systems    [PDF]

Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Benjamin Z. Webb

1210.5005 (Yong Wang)

The Kastler-Kalau-Walze type theorem and the spectral action for
perturbations of Dirac operators

Yong Wang

1210.5036 (Jan de Gier et al.)

Discrete holomorphicity and integrability in loop models with open

Jan de Gier, Alexander Lee, Jorgen Rasmussen

1210.5038 (Chuanzhong Li et al.)

Regular solution and lattice miura transformation of bigraded Toda

Chuanzhong Li, Jingsong He

1210.5048 (Andrew C. Doherty et al.)

Convergence of SDP hierarchies for polynomial optimization on the

Andrew C. Doherty, Stephanie Wehner

1210.5055 (José F. Cariñena et al.)

Curvature-dependent formalism, Schrödinger equation and energy levels
for the harmonic oscillator on three-dimensional spherical and hyperbolic

José F. Cariñena, Manuel F. Rañada, Mariano Santander

1210.5058 (Peter Gmeiner)

Properties of Persistent Mutual Information and Emergence    [PDF]

Peter Gmeiner

1210.5071 (Bernhard Altaner)

Stochastic Thermodynamics, Reversible Dynamical Systems and Information

Bernhard Altaner

1210.5082 (Gilles Wainrib et al.)

Topological and Dynamical Complexity of Random Neural Networks    [PDF]

Gilles Wainrib, Jonathan Touboul

1210.5098 (Dorian Goldman et al.)

The Gamma-limit of the two-dimensional Ohta-Kawasaki energy. II. Droplet
arrangement at the sharp interface level via the renormalized energy

Dorian Goldman, Cyrill B. Muratov, Sylvia Serfaty

1210.5100 (Daniel S. Freed)

The cobordism hypothesis    [PDF]

Daniel S. Freed

1210.5107 (V. Caudrelier et al.)

Set-theoretical reflection equation: Classification of reflection maps    [PDF]

V. Caudrelier, N. Crampe, Q. C. Zhang

1210.5121 (Dmitri Finkelshtein)

Towards on convolutions on configuration spaces. I. Spaces of finite

Dmitri Finkelshtein

1210.5122 (Harald Höller)

Strong Conservation Form and Grid Generation in Nonsteady Curvilinear
Coordinates for Implicit Radiation Hydrodynamics in 2D and 3D

Harald Höller

1210.5123 (Dmitri Finkelshtein)

Towards on convolutions on configuration spaces. II. Spaces of locally
finite configurations

Dmitri Finkelshtein

1210.5126 (Neil O'Connell et al.)

Geometric RSK correspondence, Whittaker functions and symmetrized random

Neil O'Connell, Timo Seppäläinen, Nikos Zygouras

1210.5147 (Dmitry K. Gridnev)

Why there is no Efimov effect for four bosons and related results on the
finiteness of the discrete spectrum

Dmitry K. Gridnev

1210.5157 (Michael A. Idowu)

Elegant expressions and generic formulas for the Riemann zeta function
for integer arguments

Michael A. Idowu

1210.5158 (Josef Mehringer et al.)

Confinement-deconfinement transitions for two-dimensional Dirac

Josef Mehringer, Edgardo Stockmeyer

1210.5170 (Askold Duviryak)

Quantization of almost-circular orbits in the Fokker action formalism.
I. General scheme

Askold Duviryak

1210.5190 (Isaac H. Kim)

Operator extension of strong subadditivity of entropy    [PDF]

Isaac H. Kim

1210.5192 (E. Celeghini et al.)

Algebraic special functions and so(3,2)    [PDF]

E. Celeghini, M. A. del Olmo