Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1004.3110 (Alexander Getmanenko)

Resurgent analysis of the Witten Laplacian in one dimension -- II    [PDF]

Alexander Getmanenko

1012.5039 (Ramis Movassagh et al.)

Isotropic Entanglement    [PDF]

Ramis Movassagh, Alan Edelman

1105.1892 (Harvey B. Meyer)

Lattice QCD and the Timelike Pion Form Factor    [PDF]

Harvey B. Meyer

1106.2716 (Gregorio Moreno Flores et al.)

Endpoint distribution of directed polymers in 1+1 dimensions    [PDF]

Gregorio Moreno Flores, Jeremy Quastel, Daniel Remenik

1106.2717 (Ivan Corwin et al.)

Continuum statistics of the Airy2 process    [PDF]

Ivan Corwin, Jeremy Quastel, Daniel Remenik

1107.2082 (Kenji Iohara et al.)

Classification of Simple Lie Algebras on a Lattice    [PDF]

Kenji Iohara, Olivier Mathieu

1107.4501 (Giambattista Giacomin et al.)

Global attractor and asymptotic dynamics in the Kuramoto model for
coupled noisy phase oscillators

Giambattista Giacomin, Khashayar Pakdaman, Xavier Pellegrin

1109.5707 (G. Domokos et al.)

The evolution of pebble size and shape in space and time    [PDF]

G. Domokos, G. W. Gibbons

1110.1946 (M. Feigin et al.)

Singular polynomials from orbit spaces    [PDF]

M. Feigin, A. Silantyev

1111.6325 (Alexander Getmanenko et al.)

Microlocal properties of sheaves and complex WKB    [PDF]

Alexander Getmanenko, Dmitry Tamarkin

1111.6910 (José M. M. Senovilla)

Umbilical-Type Surfaces in Spacetime    [PDF]

José M. M. Senovilla

1112.0351 (Michael Holst et al.)

Generalized Solutions to Semilinear Elliptic PDE with Applications to
the Lichnerowicz Equation

Michael Holst, Caleb Meier

1204.0076 (Mikhail Isaev et al.)

Reconstruction of a potential from the impedance boundary map    [PDF]

Mikhail Isaev, Roman Novikov

1204.0086 (A. V. Shutov et al.)

A viscoplasticity model with an enhanced control of the yield surface

A. V. Shutov, J. Ihlemann

1204.0125 (Xuwen Chen)

On the Rigorous Derivation of the 3D Cubic Nonlinear Schrödinger
Equation with A Switchable Quadratic Trap

Xuwen Chen

1204.0130 (Wei Dai)

Continuous dependence for $H^{2}$ critical nonlinear Schrödinger
equations in high dimensions

Wei Dai

1204.0135 (Christian G. Boehmer et al.)

Helicity -- from Clifford to Graphene    [PDF]

Christian G. Boehmer, Louie Corpe

1204.0192 (Pierre-Antoine Geslin et al.)

A rigorous observable for vacancy characterization and diffusion in

Pierre-Antoine Geslin, Giovanni Ciccotti, Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Simone Meloni

1204.0194 (K. V. Andreev)

Spinor formalism and the geometry of six-dimensional Riemannian spaces    [PDF]

K. V. Andreev

1204.0251 (Denis Blackmore et al.)

On the Complete Integrability of a One Generalized Riemann Type
Hydrodynamic System

Denis Blackmore, Yarema A. Prykarpatsky, Orest D. Artemowych, Anatoliy K. Prykarpatsky

1204.0294 (Masatoshi Noumi et al.)

Padé interpolation for elliptic Painlevé equation    [PDF]

Masatoshi Noumi, Satoshi Tsujimoto, Yasuhiko Yamada

1204.0319 (Baptiste Savoie)

On the zero-field orbital magnetic susceptibility of Bloch electrons in
graphene-like solids: Some rigorous results

Baptiste Savoie

1204.0328 (Koen van den Dungen et al.)

Particle Physics from Almost Commutative Spacetimes    [PDF]

Koen van den Dungen, Walter D. van Suijlekom

1204.0344 (Johannes von Keler et al.)

Non-adiabatic transitions in a massless scalar field    [PDF]

Johannes von Keler, Stefan Teufel

1204.0389 (Fernando Casas et al.)

Efficient computation of the Zassenhaus formula    [PDF]

Fernando Casas, Ander Murua, Mladen Nadinic

1204.0420 (Ludwik Dabrowski et al.)

Curved noncommutative torus and Gauss--Bonnet    [PDF]

Ludwik Dabrowski, Andrzej Sitarz

1204.0435 (Robert Seiringer)

Absence of bound states implies non-negativity of the scattering length    [PDF]

Robert Seiringer

1204.0436 (Jinkyu Kim)

Extended Hamilton's principle    [PDF]

Jinkyu Kim

1204.0505 (Geoffrey Grimmett et al.)

Bond percolation on isoradial graphs    [PDF]

Geoffrey Grimmett, Ioan Manolescu

1204.0545 (Laurent Delisle et al.)

Constant curvature solutions of Grassmannian sigma models: (1)
Holomorphic solutions

Laurent Delisle, Veronique Hussin, Wojtek J. Zakrzewski

1204.0558 (Joel L. Lebowitz et al.)

Location of the Lee-Yang zeros and absence of phase transitions in some
Ising spin systems

Joel L. Lebowitz, David Ruelle, Eugene R. Speer

1204.0574 (Karthik Seetharaman et al.)

Phase lagging model of brain response to external stimuli - modeling of
single action potential

Karthik Seetharaman, Hamidreza Namazi, Vladimir V. Kulish

1204.0601 (Harold Williams)

Double Bruhat Cells in Kac-Moody Groups and Integrable Systems    [PDF]

Harold Williams

1204.0612 (R. V. R. Pandya)

Modification in Silling's Peridynamic Formulation of Elasticity Theory
for Discontinuities and Long-Range Forces

R. V. R. Pandya

1204.0622 (Jesper Lykke Jacobsen et al.)

Critical manifold of the kagome-lattice Potts model    [PDF]

Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Christian R. Scullard

1204.0669 (Pankaj Sharan)

Variational principle for gravity in the extended phase space    [PDF]

Pankaj Sharan

1204.0680 (Klaus Renziehausen)

On the divergence of time-dependent perturbation theory applied to
laser-induced molecular transitions: Analytical calculations (1)

Klaus Renziehausen

1204.0694 (S. Groote et al.)

A numerical test of differential equations for one- and two-loop sunrise
diagrams using configuration space techniques

S. Groote, J. G. Körner, A. A. Pivovarov

1204.0700 (I. Popperi et al.)

Third-order superintegrable systems separable in parabolic coordinates    [PDF]

I. Popperi, S. Post, P. Winternitz

1204.0712 (P. L. Robinson)

Creator-annihilator domains and the number operator    [PDF]

P. L. Robinson

1204.0722 (I. Aremua et al.)

Quaternionic vector coherent states for spin-orbit interactions    [PDF]

I. Aremua, M. N. Hounkonnou

1204.0741 (Matthias Christandl et al.)

Eigenvalue Distributions of Reduced Density Matrices    [PDF]

Matthias Christandl, Brent Doran, Stavros Kousidis, Michael Walter

1204.0765 (Robert L. Anderson)

An Invertible Linearization Map for the Quartic Oscillator    [PDF]

Robert L. Anderson

1204.0768 (Robert L. Anderson)

Actions for an Hierarchy of Attractive Nonlinear Oscillators Including
the Quartic Oscillator in 1+1 Dimensions

Robert L. Anderson