Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1204.0765 (Robert L. Anderson)

An Invertible Linearization Map for the Quartic Oscillator    [PDF]

Robert L. Anderson
The set of world lines for the non-relativistic quartic oscillator satisfying Newton's equation of motion for all space and time in 1-1 dimensions with no constraints other than the "spring" restoring force is shown to be equivalent (1-1-onto) to the corresponding set for the harmonic oscillator. This is established via an energy preserving invertible linearization map which consists of an explicit nonlinear algebraic deformation of coordinates and a nonlinear deformation of time coordinates involving a quadrature. In the context stated, the map also explicitly solves Newton's equation for the quartic oscillator for arbitrary initial data on the real line. This map is extended to all attractive potentials given by even powers of the space coordinate. It thus provides classes of new solutions to the initial value problem for all these potentials.
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