Monday, March 11, 2013

1303.1853 (Georgi G. Grahovski et al.)

Integrable Discretisations for a Class of Nonlinear Schrodinger
Equations on Grassmann Algebras

Georgi G. Grahovski, Alexander V. Mikhailov

1303.1863 (Simon Brendle et al.)

A Gibbons-Penrose inequality for surfaces in Schwarzschild spacetime    [PDF]

Simon Brendle, Mu-Tao Wang

1303.1871 (Thomas Bothner et al.)

Asymptotics of a cubic sine kernel determinant    [PDF]

Thomas Bothner, Alexander Its

1303.1891 (Nayyar Abbas Shah et al.)

Effects of Planar Periodic Stratified Chiral Nihility Structures on
Reflected and Transmitted Powers

Nayyar Abbas Shah, Faiz Ahmad, Aqeel A. Syed, Qaisar A. Naqvi

1303.1894 (Amir H. Fatollahi)

On the shape of a lightweight drop on a horizontal plane    [PDF]

Amir H. Fatollahi

1303.1989 (Cristel Chandre)

Casimir invariants and the Jacobi identity in Dirac's theory of
constrained Hamiltonian systems

Cristel Chandre

1303.2036 (L. S. Alqahtani)

The Einstein-Hilbert action of the space of holomorphic maps from S^2 to

L. S. Alqahtani

1303.2082 (A. M. Gainutdinov et al.)

Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory: a Lattice Approach    [PDF]

A. M. Gainutdinov, J. L. Jacobsen, N. Read, H. Saleur, R. Vasseur