Monday, March 11, 2013

1303.1891 (Nayyar Abbas Shah et al.)

Effects of Planar Periodic Stratified Chiral Nihility Structures on
Reflected and Transmitted Powers

Nayyar Abbas Shah, Faiz Ahmad, Aqeel A. Syed, Qaisar A. Naqvi
Behavior of planar multilayer periodic structures due to plane wave excitation has been studied using the transfer matrix method. Multilayer structure is taken with periodicity two. That is, layers at even and odd locations repeat themselves. Layers at odd locations are of chiral nihility metamaterial whereas three different cases for layers at even locations are considered, i.e., dielectric, chiral and chiral nihility. Effects of polarization rotation due to the optical activity is studied with respect to the angle of incidence and frequency in terahertz domain. Chiral nihility introduces property of transparency to the structure for normal incidence while complete rejection is observed for chiral nihility-chiral nihility structure at oblique incidence.
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