Friday, June 1, 2012

1011.4786 (S. Yanchuk et al.)

Amplitude equations and fast transition to chaos in rings of coupled

S. Yanchuk, P. Perlikowski, M. Wolfrum, A. Stefanski, T. Kapitaniak

1108.1165 (Terence Tao)

Localisation and compactness properties of the Navier-Stokes global
regularity problem

Terence Tao

1111.0269 (Jinho Baik et al.)

Limiting distribution of maximal crossing and nesting of Poissonized
random matchings

Jinho Baik, Robert Jenkins

1112.3922 (Georgie Knight et al.)

Dependence of chaotic diffusion on the size and position of holes    [PDF]

Georgie Knight, Orestis Georgiou, Carl P. Dettmann, Rainer Klages

1205.6834 (Scott A. Norris)

A chemically-driven finite-wavelength instability in ion-irradiated
compound semiconductors

Scott A. Norris

1205.6872 (Nikesh S. Dattani)

An open source MATLAB program for fast numerical Feynman integral
calculations for open quantum system dynamics on GPUs

Nikesh S. Dattani

1205.6884 (Pietro Caputo et al.)

Dynamics of 2+1 dimensional SOS surfaces above a wall: slow mixing
induced by entropic repulsion

Pietro Caputo, Eyal Lubetzky, Fabio Martinelli, Allan Sly, Fabio Lucio Toninelli

1205.6886 (Timothy K. Gao)

Complete solutions to a Class of 8th Order Polynomial Optimization

Timothy K. Gao

1205.6926 (Rafael D. Benguria et al.)

Indirect Coulomb Energy for Two-Dimensional Atoms    [PDF]

Rafael D. Benguria, Matěj Tušek

1205.6937 (Piergiulio Tempesta et al.)

Generalized Lenard Chains, Separation of Variables and

Piergiulio Tempesta, Giorgio Tondo

1205.6942 (Juan Calvo)

On the hyperbolicity and causality of the relativistic Euler system
under the kinetic equation of state

Juan Calvo

1205.6956 (V. A. Malyshev)

Fine structure of one-dimensional discrete point system    [PDF]

V. A. Malyshev

1205.6969 (Jose Carlos Brunelli et al.)

On integrability of the Yao-Zeng two-component short-pulse equation    [PDF]

Jose Carlos Brunelli, Sergei Sakovich

1205.6998 (Marco Astorino)

Charging axisymmetric space-times with cosmological constant    [PDF]

Marco Astorino

1205.7004 (Alain Grigis et al.)

Resonance widths in a case of multidimensional phase space tunneling    [PDF]

Alain Grigis, André Martinez

1205.7028 (Antonella Marini et al.)

Constructing completely integrable fields by the method of generalized

Antonella Marini, Thomas H. Otway

1205.7032 (Emilio Elizalde)

Zeta function regularization in Casimir effect calculations and J.S.
Dowker's contribution

Emilio Elizalde

1205.7049 (V. E. Kravtsov et al.)

Levy flights and multifractality in quantum critical diffusion and in
classical random walks on fractals

V. E. Kravtsov, O. M. Yevtushenko, P. Snajberk, E. Cuevas

1205.7062 (Mariya Shcherbina)

Fluctuations of linear eigenvalue statistics of $β$ matrix models in
the multi-cut regime

Mariya Shcherbina

1205.7064 (E. M. C. Abreu et al.)

Obtaining gauge invariant actions via symplectic embedding formalism    [PDF]

E. M. C. Abreu, J. Ananias Neto, A. C. R. Mendes, C. Neves, W. Oliveira

1205.7087 (Pierpaolo Mastrolia et al.)

Scattering Amplitudes from Multivariate Polynomial Division    [PDF]

Pierpaolo Mastrolia, Edoardo Mirabella, Giovanni Ossola, Tiziano Peraro

1205.7090 (M. I. Belishev et al.)

C*-algebras and inverse problem of electrodynamics    [PDF]

M. I. Belishev, M. N. Demchenko