Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1007.0136 (Aleksey Kostenko et al.)

Weyl-Titchmarsh Theory for Schroedinger Operators with Strongly Singular

Aleksey Kostenko, Alexander Sakhnovich, Gerald Teschl

1106.1450 (Marius Ionescu et al.)

Derivations and Dirichlet forms on fractals    [PDF]

Marius Ionescu, Luke G. Rogers, Alexander Teplyaev

1108.1385 (Christian Duval et al.)

Quantization via Deformation of Prequantization    [PDF]

Christian Duval, Mark J. Gotay

1109.2416 (Eric Cances et al.)

A mathematical formulation of the random phase approximation for

Eric Cances, Gabriel Stoltz

1109.4537 (Maciej Dunajski et al.)

SU(2) solutions to self-duality equations in eight dimensions    [PDF]

Maciej Dunajski, Moritz Hoegner

1109.4582 (Zeev Rudnick et al.)

Statistics of wave functions for a point scatterer on the torus    [PDF]

Zeev Rudnick, Henrik Ueberschaer

1109.5919 (A. M. Semikhatov)

Fusion in the entwined category of Yetter--Drinfeld modules of a rank-1
Nichols algebra

A. M. Semikhatov

1110.1327 (Romain Vasseur et al.)

The puzzle of bulk conformal field theories at central charge c=0    [PDF]

Romain Vasseur, Azat M. Gainutdinov, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur

1110.3946 (Jerome Blackman et al.)

Why Probability appears in Quantum Mechanics    [PDF]

Jerome Blackman, Wu-Teh Hsiang

1110.5247 (Leonid Polterovich)

Quantum unsharpness and symplectic rigidity    [PDF]

Leonid Polterovich

1110.5469 (Stefan Berceanu)

Consequences of the fundamental conjecture for the motion on the
Siegel-Jacobi disk

Stefan Berceanu

1112.4382 (Frank Ferrari et al.)

Simple matrix models for random Bergman metrics    [PDF]

Frank Ferrari, Semyon Klevtsov, Steve Zelditch

1201.2316 (Alexander I. Nesterov et al.)

Modeling of Low and High Frequency Noise by Slow and Fast Fluctuators    [PDF]

Alexander I. Nesterov, Gennady P. Berman

1204.4752 (Joshua Abramson)

Structure of shocks in Burgers turbulence with Lévy noise initial data    [PDF]

Joshua Abramson

1204.4754 (Kristopher L. Kuhlman)

Review of Inverse Laplace Transform Algorithms for Laplace-Space
Numerical Approaches

Kristopher L. Kuhlman

1204.4796 (Amitabha Chakrabarti et al.)

New classes of spin chains from $(S\hat{O}_{(q)}(N)$,
$S\hat{p}_{(q)}(N))$ Temperley-Lieb algebras: Data transmission and (q, N)
parametrized entanglement entropies

Amitabha Chakrabarti, Anirban Chakraborti, Esteban Guevara Hidalgo

1204.4823 (V. G. Kupriyanov)

General form of quantum mechanics with noncommutative coordinates    [PDF]

V. G. Kupriyanov

1204.4830 (Dariusz Chruściński et al.)

Geometry of entanglement witnesses parameterized by SO(3) group    [PDF]

Dariusz Chruściński, Filip A. Wudarski

1204.4845 (Diederik Aerts et al.)

Quantum Model Theory (QMod): Modeling Contextual Emergent Entangled
Interfering Entities

Diederik Aerts, Sandro Sozzo

1204.4875 (Olena Vaneeva)

Group classification of variable coefficient KdV-like equations    [PDF]

Olena Vaneeva

1204.4876 (Guangqing Bi et al.)

New Relativistic Wave Equations for Two-Particle Systems    [PDF]

Guangqing Bi, Yuekai Bi

1204.4888 (Martin Norgren)

On the spectral domain approach to long-range propagation of
high-frequency waves along a strip conductor above a PEC surface

Martin Norgren

1204.4901 (Diederik Aerts et al.)

Entanglement of Conceptual Entities in Quantum Model Theory (QMod)    [PDF]

Diederik Aerts, Sandro Sozzo

1204.4941 (J. A. Hanna)

Rotating strings    [PDF]

J. A. Hanna

1204.4956 (Feng-Yu Wang et al.)

Heat Kernel for Fractional Diffusion Operators with Perturbations    [PDF]

Feng-Yu Wang, Xicheng Zhang

1204.5025 (M. Chaichian et al.)

Extended Poincaré supersymmetry in three dimensions and supersymmetric

M. Chaichian, A. Tureanu, R. B. Zhang

1204.5054 (Gabriel Álvarez et al.)

Phase structure and critical processes of spectral curves in large N

Gabriel Álvarez, Luis Martínez Alonso, Elena Medina

1204.5067 (Fusheng Deng et al.)

Fermionic gluing principle of the topological vertex    [PDF]

Fusheng Deng, Jian Zhou

1204.5069 (Bing-Nan Lu et al.)

The pseudospin symmetry in single particle resonant states    [PDF]

Bing-Nan Lu, En-Guang Zhao, Shan-Gui Zhou

1204.5071 (S. Baskal et al.)

Lorentz Group in Ray and Polarization Optics    [PDF]

S. Baskal, Y. S. Kim

1204.5078 (Robin Hillier)

On Super-KMS Functionals for Graded-Local Conformal Nets    [PDF]

Robin Hillier

1204.5087 (Pierre-Louis Giscard et al.)

The walk-sum method for simulating quantum many-body systems    [PDF]

Pierre-Louis Giscard, Martin Kiffner, Dieter Jaksch

1204.5117 (Charles F. Dunkl et al.)

Clustering properties of rectangular Macdonald polynomials    [PDF]

Charles F. Dunkl, Jean-Gabriel Luque

1204.5123 (Martin Könenberg et al.)

The mass shell in the semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz model    [PDF]

Martin Könenberg, Oliver Matte

1204.5143 (Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek et al.)

Unity in Major Themes - Convergence vs. Arbitrariness in the Development
of Mathematics

Bernhelm Booss-Bavnbek, Philip J. Davis

1204.5149 (Hari K. Kunduri et al.)

Extremal Sasakian horizons    [PDF]

Hari K. Kunduri, James Lucietti