Friday, April 6, 2012

1005.2083 (S. Salimi et al.)

Concurrence for a two-qubits mixed state consisting of three pure states
in the framework of SU(2) coherent states

S. Salimi, A. Mohammadzade, K. Berrada

1012.4566 (S. Salimi et al.)

Asymptotic entanglement in 1D quantum walks with a time-dependent coined    [PDF]

S. Salimi, R. Yosefjani

1109.0225 (Elena R. Loubenets)

Nonsignaling as the consistency condition for local quasi classical
probability modelling of a general multipartite correlation scenario

Elena R. Loubenets

1109.6503 (Jens Fjelstad et al.)

New symmetries of the chiral Potts model    [PDF]

Jens Fjelstad, Teresia Mansson

1110.3708 (Philip Cherian et al.)

From particle in a box to PT -symmetric systems via isospectral

Philip Cherian, Kumar Abhinav, P. K. Panigrahi

1111.2037 (Paolo Furlan et al.)

Quantum su(n)_k monodromy matrices    [PDF]

Paolo Furlan, Ludmil Hadjiivanov

1201.4759 (Alain Joye)

Dynamical Localization for d-Dimensional Random Quantum Walks    [PDF]

Alain Joye

1204.1063 (Jeongwan Haah)

Commuting Pauli Hamiltonians as maps between free modules    [PDF]

Jeongwan Haah

1204.1076 (Sergey Morozov et al.)

Complete asymptotic expansion of the integrated density of states of
multidimensional almost-periodic pseudo-differential operators

Sergey Morozov, Leonid Parnovski, Roman Shterenberg

1204.1114 (Tomohiro Sasamoto et al.)

Combinatorics of the asymmetric exclusion process on a semi-infinite

Tomohiro Sasamoto, Lauren Williams

1204.1123 (Nils Rutstam)

Tippe Top Equations and Equations for the Related Mechanical Systems    [PDF]

Nils Rutstam

1204.1135 (E. I. Jafarov et al.)

A finite oscillator model related to sl(2|1)    [PDF]

E. I. Jafarov, J. Van der Jeugt

1204.1180 (Lung-Chi Chen et al.)

Asymptotic behavior of critical two-point functions for long-range
statistical-mechanical models in high dimensions

Lung-Chi Chen, Akira Sakai

1204.1187 (Haojun Li et al.)

Adaptive Wavelet Collocation Method for Simulation of Time Dependent
Maxwell's Equations

Haojun Li, Kirankumar R. Hiremath, Andreas Rieder, Wolfgang Freude

1204.1211 (C. A. Mantica et al.)

Riemann compatible tensors    [PDF]

C. A. Mantica, L. G. Molinari

1204.1217 (M. Mahdian et al.)

Quantum discord evolution of three-qubit states under noisy channels    [PDF]

M. Mahdian, R. Yousefjani, S. Salimi

1204.1233 (Nadia Sidorova et al.)

Localisation and ageing in the parabolic Anderson model with Weibull

Nadia Sidorova, Aleksander Twarowski

1204.1253 (Hubert Lacoin)

The scaling limit of polymer dynamics in the pinned phase    [PDF]

Hubert Lacoin

1204.1309 (Michael Eisele)

Finding room for antilinear terms in the Hamiltonian    [PDF]

Michael Eisele