Friday, April 27, 2012

1007.2224 (Volker Betz et al.)

Spatial random permutations and Poisson-Dirichlet law of cycle lengths    [PDF]

Volker Betz, Daniel Ueltschi

1201.0888 (Florian Loebbert)

Recursion Relations for Long-Range Integrable Spin Chains with Open
Boundary Conditions

Florian Loebbert

1204.5757 (Mark Fannes et al.)

Fermionic Markov Chains    [PDF]

Mark Fannes, Jeroen Wouters

1204.5766 (Michael Nieves et al.)

Propagation of Slepyan's crack in a non-uniform elastic lattice    [PDF]

Michael Nieves, Alexander Movchan, Ian Jones, Gennady Mishuris

1204.5784 (Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo)

Quantum particle on a Mobius strip, coherent states and projection

Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo

1204.5790 (D. Rubeni et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in Bose-Einstein condensates from a Bethe
ansatz perspective

D. Rubeni, A. Foerster, E. Mattei, I. Roditi

1204.5842 (A. Borowiec et al.)

Bicrossproduct construction versus Weyl-Heisenberg algebra    [PDF]

A. Borowiec, A. PachoĊ‚

1204.5898 (K. J. Oyewumi)

Approximate Spin and Pseudospin Solutions of the Dirac equation with
Rosen-Morse Potential including a Coulomb Tensor Interaction

K. J. Oyewumi

1204.5900 (Tomasz Komorowski et al.)

Passive tracer in a flow corresponding to a two dimensional stochastic
Navier Stokes equations

Tomasz Komorowski, Szymon Peszat, Tomasz Szarek

1204.5902 (A. G. Nikitin)

Superintegrability and supersymmetry of Schrdinger-Pauli equations for
neutral particles

A. G. Nikitin

1204.5935 (A. C. D. van Enter)

On the prevalence of non-Gibbsian states in mathematical physics    [PDF]

A. C. D. van Enter

1204.5950 (K. Andrzejewski et al.)

Nonrelativistic conformal groups and their dynamical realizations    [PDF]

K. Andrzejewski, J. Gonera, P. Maslanka

1204.5953 (Philip J. Aston)

Is Radioactive Decay Really Exponential?    [PDF]

Philip J. Aston

1204.6003 (Gabriel Tellez et al.)

Expanded Vandermonde powers and sum rules for the two-dimensional
one-component plasma

Gabriel Tellez, Peter J. Forrester

1204.6031 (Amit Einav)

A Counter Example to Cercignani's Conjecture for the $d$ Dimensional Kac

Amit Einav