Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2609 (Albert Much)

Quantum Mechanical Effects from Deformation Theory    [PDF]

Albert Much

1307.2617 (Satoru Saito et al.)

Degeneration of the Julia set to singular loci of algebraic curves    [PDF]

Satoru Saito, Noriko Saitoh, Hiromitsu Harada, Tsukasa Yumibayashi, Yuki Wakimoto

1307.2621 (Yuxin Ge et al.)

On lattices with finite Coulombian interaction energy in the plane    [PDF]

Yuxin Ge, Etienne Sandier

1307.2623 (Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou et al.)

$(p,q)-$deformed Fibonacci and Lucas polynomials: characterization and
Fourier integral transforms

Mahouton Norbert Hounkonnou, Sama Arjika

1307.2639 (Yuri B. Suris)

Variational symmetries and pluri-Lagrangian systems    [PDF]

Yuri B. Suris

1307.2642 (Xizhe Zhang et al.)

Structure controllability of complex network based on preferential

Xizhe Zhang, Tianyang Lv, Bin Zhang

1307.2719 (Etera R. Livine)

Deformations of Polyhedra and Polygons by the Unitary Group    [PDF]

Etera R. Livine

1307.2747 (Payam Delgosha et al.)

Impossibility of Local State Transformation via Hypercontractivity    [PDF]

Payam Delgosha, Salman Beigi

1307.2749 (Badis Ydri et al.)

On the Problem of Vacuum Energy in FLRW Universes and Dark Energy    [PDF]

Badis Ydri, Adel Bouchareb

1307.2752 (Anastasia Doikou)

Type-I integrable quantum impurities in the Heisenberg model    [PDF]

Anastasia Doikou

1307.2772 (Alain Joye et al.)

Spectral Properties of Quantum Walks on Rooted Binary Trees    [PDF]

Alain Joye, Laurent Marin

1307.2805 (Nicolas Rougerie et al.)

Higher Dimensional Coulomb Gases and Renormalized Energy Functionals    [PDF]

Nicolas Rougerie, Sylvia Serfaty

1307.2827 (Marko Puljic)

Site Percolation on Multi-dimensional Lattices    [PDF]

Marko Puljic

1307.2834 (Rachele Nerattini et al.)

"Magic" numbers in Smale's 7th problem    [PDF]

Rachele Nerattini, Johann S. Brauchart, Michael K. -H. Kiessling

1307.2842 (Thierry Daude et al.)

Direct and inverse scattering at fixed energy for massless charged Dirac
fields by Kerr-Newman-de Sitter black holes

Thierry Daude, Fran├žois Nicoleau

1307.2847 (K. Bakke)

Rotating effects on the Dirac oscillator in the cosmic string spacetime    [PDF]

K. Bakke

1307.2876 (V. P. Spiridonov)

Aspects of elliptic hypergeometric functions    [PDF]

V. P. Spiridonov

1307.2885 (K. Bakke et al.)

Persistent spin currents in an elastic Landau system    [PDF]

K. Bakke, C. Furtado

1307.2888 (K. Bakke et al.)

On the interaction of the Dirac oscillator with the Aharonov-Casher
system in topological defect backgrounds

K. Bakke, C. Furtado