Monday, September 3, 2012

1012.1234 (Christian Recher et al.)

Supersymmetry approach to Wishart correlation matrices: Exact results    [PDF]

Christian Recher, Mario Kieburg, Thomas Guhr, Martin R. Zirnbauer

1104.3309 (Alexander G. Ramm)

Scattering of electromagnetic waves by many thin cylinders    [PDF]

Alexander G. Ramm

1108.6225 (Alexander Quintero Velez)

Boundary coupling of Lie algebroid Poisson sigma models and
representations up to homotopy

Alexander Quintero Velez

1208.6305 (G. Toscani et al.)

Kinetic models for the trading of goods    [PDF]

G. Toscani, C. Brugna, S. Demichelis

1208.6314 (Przemyslaw Gorka et al.)

The initial value problem for ordinary differential equations with
infinitely many derivatives

Przemyslaw Gorka, Humberto Prado, Enrique G. Reyes

1208.6315 (H. Falomir et al.)

Noncommutativity in (2+1)-dimensions and the Lorentz group    [PDF]

H. Falomir, F. Vega, J. Gamboa, F. Méndez, M. Loewe

1208.6348 (R. G. G. Amorim et al.)

The Noncommutative Harmonic Oscillator based in Simplectic
Representation of Galilei Group

R. G. G. Amorim, A. E. Santana, S. C. Ulhoa

1208.6400 (Karabi Ghosh)

Analytical benchmark for the non-equilibrium Marshak diffusion problem
in a planar slab of finite thickness

Karabi Ghosh

1208.6423 (O. A. Pokutnyi)

Bounded solutions of dynamical systems in Hilbert space    [PDF]

O. A. Pokutnyi

1208.6430 (A. Comtet et al.)

The Lyapunov exponent of products of random $2\times2$ matrices close to
the identity

A. Comtet, J. M. Luck, C. Texier, Y. Tourigny

1208.6449 (Duccio Pappadopulo et al.)

OPE Convergence in Conformal Field Theory    [PDF]

Duccio Pappadopulo, Slava Rychkov, Johnny Espin, Riccardo Rattazzi

1208.6457 (A. G. Ramm)

Scattering of electromagnetic waves by many nanowires    [PDF]

A. G. Ramm

1208.6458 (A. G. Ramm)

Many-body wave scattering problems in the case of small scatterers    [PDF]

A. G. Ramm

1208.6462 (A. G. Ramm)

Large-time behavior of solutions to evolution problems    [PDF]

A. G. Ramm

1208.6478 (Ivan I. Dyyak et al.)

Penalty Robin-Robin domain decomposition methods for unilateral
multibody contact problems of elasticity: Convergence results

Ivan I. Dyyak, Ihor I. Prokopyshyn, Ivan A. Prokopyshyn

1208.6482 (Knut Bakke et al.)

On the influence of a Coulomb-like potential induced by the Lorentz
symmetry breaking effects on the Harmonic Oscillator

Knut Bakke, Humberto Belich

1208.6499 (Marco Merkli et al.)

Electron Transfer Reactions: Generalized Spin-Boson Approach    [PDF]

Marco Merkli, Gennady Berman

1208.6561 (Henry O. Jacobs et al.)

On the coupling between an ideal fluid and immersed particles    [PDF]

Henry O. Jacobs, Tudor S. Ratiu, Mathieu Desbrun

1208.6568 (Pierluigi Falco)

Two-dimensional Quantum Field Models (with applications to Statistical

Pierluigi Falco

1208.6575 (Amit Einav)

A Few Ways to Destroy Entropic Chaoticity on Kac's Sphere    [PDF]

Amit Einav