Friday, July 13, 2012

1105.2270 (Jiapu Zhang)

A Simple But Effective Canonical Dual Theory Unified Algorithm for
Global Optimization

Jiapu Zhang

1105.4906 (Craig A. Tracy et al.)

On the asymmetric simple exclusion process with multiple species    [PDF]

Craig A. Tracy, Harold Widom

1206.6253 (Szilárd Szalay et al.)

Partial separability revisited    [PDF]

Szilárd Szalay, Zoltán Kökényesi

1207.2813 (Sophia Demoulini)

Convergence of the self-dual Ginzburg-Landau gradient flow    [PDF]

Sophia Demoulini

1207.2814 (Joris Vankerschaver et al.)

The Hamilton-Pontryagin Principle and Multi-Dirac Structures for
Classical Field Theories

Joris Vankerschaver, Hiroaki Yoshimura, Melvin Leok

1207.2815 (Anthony J. Guttmann et al.)

Spanning tree generating functions and Mahler measures    [PDF]

Anthony J. Guttmann, Mathew D. Rogers

1207.2817 (Tamas Gal)

Unique constrained second derivatives    [PDF]

Tamas Gal

1207.2843 (Constanze Liaw)

A new numerical approach to Anderson (de)localization    [PDF]

Constanze Liaw

1207.2870 (A. Comech et al.)

Polarons as solitary wave solutions to the Dirac-Coulomb system    [PDF]

A. Comech, M. Zubkov

1207.2871 (Fabio Bagarello)

Few simple rules to fix the dynamics of classical systems using

Fabio Bagarello

1207.2874 (Fabio Bagarello)

Linear Pseudo-fermions    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello

1207.2888 (David J. Foulis et al.)

The exocenter and type decomposition of a generalized pseudoeffect

David J. Foulis, Sylvia Pulmannova, Elena Vincekova

1207.2933 (A. Bachkhaznadji et al.)

Bound states of four-body quantum problem of Wolfes type    [PDF]

A. Bachkhaznadji, M. Lassaut

1207.2942 (Jun Jie Liu et al.)

Modeling the Influence of Antifreeze Proteins on Three-Dimensional Ice
Crystal Melt Shapes using a Geometric Approach

Jun Jie Liu, Yangzong Qin, Maya Bar Dolev, Yeliz Celik, J. S. Wettlaufer, Ido Braslavsky

1207.2962 (Tiffany Covolo)

Cohomological Approach to the Graded Berezinian    [PDF]

Tiffany Covolo

1207.2973 (Dennis Hagedorn et al.)

Gibbs states over the cone of discrete measures    [PDF]

Dennis Hagedorn, Yuri Kondratiev, Tanja Pasurek, Michael Röckner

1207.3042 (Alessandro Arsie et al.)

Poisson bracket on 1-forms and evolutionary partial differential

Alessandro Arsie, Paolo Lorenzoni