Thursday, March 15, 2012

1002.2685 (Takao Suzuki)

A class of higher order Painleve systems arising from integrable
hierarchies of type A

Takao Suzuki

1004.2725 (Carlos Escudero et al.)

Origins of scaling relations in nonequilibrium growth    [PDF]

Carlos Escudero, Elka Korutcheva

1009.4405 (Xiaonan Ma et al.)

Berezin-Toeplitz quantization on Kaehler manifolds    [PDF]

Xiaonan Ma, George Marinescu

1101.1759 (L. Feher et al.)

Self-duality of the compactified Ruijsenaars-Schneider system from
quasi-Hamiltonian reduction

L. Feher, C. Klimcik

1108.0086 (Tomasz Komorowski et al.)

Long time, large scale limit of the Wigner transform for a system of
linear oscillators in one dimension

Tomasz Komorowski, \Lukasz St\cepień

1108.1118 (Gabriel P. Paternain et al.)

The attenuated ray transform for connections and Higgs fields    [PDF]

Gabriel P. Paternain, Mikko Salo, Gunther Uhlmann

1109.3343 (Charles Bordenave et al.)

Around the circular law    [PDF]

Charles Bordenave, Djalil Chafai

1109.6725 (Massimo Ostilli)

Cayley Trees and Bethe Lattices, a concise analysis for mathematicians
and physicists

Massimo Ostilli

1110.5492 (Libor Snobl et al.)

Solvable Lie algebras with Borel nilradicals    [PDF]

Libor Snobl, Pavel Winternitz

1110.6114 (Aleksandar Mikovic et al.)

Effective action for EPRL/FK spin foam models    [PDF]

Aleksandar Mikovic, Marko Vojinovic

1111.0953 (W. N. Yessen)

Spectral analysis of tridiagonal Fibonacci Hamiltonians    [PDF]

W. N. Yessen

1111.4092 (David Rodriguez)

Detection probability enhancement as a natural feature of LHV models and
implications for Bell inequalities

David Rodriguez

1112.0409 (P-M. Zhang et al.)

Chiral decomposition in the non-commutative Landau problem    [PDF]

P-M. Zhang, P. A. Horvathy

1112.1947 (Sergey Fedoruk et al.)

Superconformal mechanics    [PDF]

Sergey Fedoruk, Evgeny Ivanov, Olaf Lechtenfeld

1112.2073 (Natig Atakishiyev et al.)

On Fourier integral transforms for $q$-Fibonacci and $q$-Lucas

Natig Atakishiyev, Pedro Franco, Decio Levi, Orlando Ragnisco

1112.5481 (Xuefeng Zhang et al.)

Lower-order ODEs to determine new twisting type N Einstein spaces via CR

Xuefeng Zhang, Daniel Finley

1201.1423 (Michael Baake et al.)

Spectral and topological properties of a family of generalised
Thue-Morse sequences

Michael Baake, Franz Gähler und Uwe Grimm

1201.4709 (Jeremy Quastel et al.)

Regularity and continuum statistics of the Airy1 process    [PDF]

Jeremy Quastel, Daniel Remenik

1203.2675 (Yaoyun Shi)

Quantum Simpsons Paradox and High Order Bell-Tsirelson Inequalities    [PDF]

Yaoyun Shi

1203.2677 (Bao-Feng Feng et al.)

On the $τ$-functions of the reduced Ostrovsky equation and the
$A_2^{(2)}$ two-dimensional Toda system

Bao-Feng Feng, Ken-ichi Maruno, Yasuhiro Ohta

1203.2679 (Christopher Estrada et al.)

Noncommutative Mixmaster Cosmologies    [PDF]

Christopher Estrada, Matilde Marcolli

1203.2686 (Alastair Hamilton)

A nondiagrammatic description of the Connes-Kreimer Hopf algebra    [PDF]

Alastair Hamilton

1203.2705 (Glenn Eric Johnson)

Algebras without Involution and Quantum Field Theories    [PDF]

Glenn Eric Johnson

1203.2707 (Nikos Kalogeropoulos)

Vanishing largest Lyapunov exponent and Tsallis entropy    [PDF]

Nikos Kalogeropoulos

1203.2733 (Kristina Giesel et al.)

From Classical To Quantum Gravity: Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Kristina Giesel, Hanno Sahlmann

1203.2736 (Michel Gondran)

The Euler-Lagrange and Hamilton-Jacobi actions and the principle of
least action

Michel Gondran

1203.2743 (Alberto Enciso et al.)

Causality and the conformal boundary of AdS in real-time holography    [PDF]

Alberto Enciso, Niky Kamran

1203.2749 (K. Deschout et al.)

Critical behavior in Angelesco ensembles    [PDF]

K. Deschout, A. B. J. Kuijlaars

1203.2756 (Igor Loutsenko et al.)

On Exact Multi-fractal Spectrum of the Whole-Plane SLE_kappa    [PDF]

Igor Loutsenko, Oksana Yermolayeva

1203.2762 (Stjepan Meljanac et al.)

Differential algebras on kappa-Minkowski space and action of the Lorentz

Stjepan Meljanac, Sasa Kresic-Juric, Rina Strajn

1203.2811 (Christian Hainzl et al.)

Dynamics of Bose-Einstein condensates of fermion pairs in the low
density limit of BCS theory

Christian Hainzl, Benjamin Schlein

1203.2864 (L. Feher et al.)

On the spectra of the quantized action-variables of the compactified
Ruijsenaars-Schneider system

L. Feher, C. Klimcik

1203.2869 (V. Sisko et al.)

Growth of uniform infinite causal triangulations    [PDF]

V. Sisko, A. Yambartsev, S. Zohren

1203.2892 (Mehdi Hage-Hassan)

Generating function method and its applications to Quantum, Nuclear and
the Classical Groups

Mehdi Hage-Hassan

1203.2907 (Jeremy Quastel et al.)

Tails of the endpoint distribution of directed polymers    [PDF]

Jeremy Quastel, Daniel Remenik

1203.2951 (Pavel Bleher et al.)

Cloud computing and hyperbolic Voronoi diagrams on the sphere    [PDF]

Pavel Bleher, Caroline Shouraboura

1203.2959 (Andrew Elvey Price et al.)

Off-critical parafermions and the winding angle distribution of the
O($n$) model

Andrew Elvey Price, Jan de Gier, Anthony J. Guttmann, Alexander Lee

1203.2979 (Tomasz Komorowski et al.)

Asymptotics of the solutions of the stochastic lattice wave equation    [PDF]

Tomasz Komorowski, Stefano Olla, Lenya Ryzhik

1203.3010 (Alexei Borodin et al.)

A CLT for Plancherel representations of the infinite-dimensional unitary

Alexei Borodin, Alexey Bufetov

1203.3076 (M. V. Ioffe et al.)

Supersymmetrical Separation of Variables for Scarf II Model: Partial

M. V. Ioffe, E. V. Krupitskaya, D. N. Nishnianidze

1203.3086 (Volker Bach et al.)

Fermion Correlation Inequalities derived from G- and P-Conditions    [PDF]

Volker Bach, Hans Konrad Knörr, Edmund Menge

1203.3096 (E. O. Silva et al.)

On the bound states for the Aharonov-Casher systems    [PDF]

E. O. Silva, F. M. Andrade, H. Belich, C. Filgueiras

1203.3184 (Francesco D'Andrea et al.)

On Pythagoras' theorem for products of spectral triples    [PDF]

Francesco D'Andrea, Pierre Martinetti

1203.3187 (Roger E. Behrend)

The quadruply-refined enumeration of alternating sign matrices    [PDF]

Roger E. Behrend