Thursday, March 15, 2012

1112.5481 (Xuefeng Zhang et al.)

Lower-order ODEs to determine new twisting type N Einstein spaces via CR

Xuefeng Zhang, Daniel Finley
In the search for vacuum solutions, with or without a cosmological constant, of the Einstein field equations of Petrov type N with twisting principal null directions, the CR structures to describe the parameter space for a congruence of such null vectors provide a very useful tool. A work of Hill, Lewandowski and Nurowski has given a good foundation for this, reducing the field equations to a set of differential equations for two functions, one real, one complex, of three variables. Under the assumption of the existence of one Killing vector, the (infinite-dimensional) classical symmetries of those equations are determined and group-invariant solutions are considered. This results in a single ODE of the third order which may easily be reduced to one of the second order. A one-parameter class of power series solutions, g(w), of this second-order equation is realized, holomorphic in a neighborhood of the origin and behaving asymptotically as a simple quadratic function plus lower-order terms for large values of w, which constitutes new solutions of the twisting type N problem. The solution found by Leroy, and also by Nurowski, is shown to be a special case in this class. Cartan's method for determining equivalence of CR manifolds is used to show that this class is indeed much more general. In addition, for a special choice of a parameter, this ODE may be integrated once, to provide a first-order Abel equation. It can also determine new solutions to the field equations although no general solution has yet been found for it.
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