Friday, September 14, 2012

1209.2754 (Olivier Minazzoli et al.)

New derivation of the Lagrangian of a perfect fluid with a barotropic
equation of state

Olivier Minazzoli, Tiberiu Harko

1209.2758 (Yoshihiro Takeyama)

A discrete analogue of periodic delta Bose gas and affine Hecke algebra    [PDF]

Yoshihiro Takeyama

1209.2775 (Jun Liu)

Least square based method for obtaining one particle spectral functions
from temperature Green functions

Jun Liu

1209.2786 (Mathieu Lewin)

A nonlinear variational problem in relativistic quantum mechanics    [PDF]

Mathieu Lewin

1209.2835 (Vladimir A. Vladimirov)

Self-propulsion of V-shape micro-robot    [PDF]

Vladimir A. Vladimirov

1209.2861 (Swantje Bargmann et al.)

On Energy and Entropy Influxes in the Green-Naghdi Type III Theory of
Heat Conduction

Swantje Bargmann, Antonino Favata, Paolo Podio-Guidugli

1209.2864 (Teimuraz Nadareishvili et al.)

Pragmatic SAE procedure in the Schrodinger equation for the
inverse-square-like potentials

Teimuraz Nadareishvili, Anzor Khelashvili

1209.2876 (D. Babusci et al.)

Relativistic harmonic oscillator    [PDF]

D. Babusci, G. Dattoli, M. Quattromini, E. Sabia

1209.2893 (Livia Corsi et al.)

Lower-dimensional invariant tori for perturbations of a class of
non-convex Hamiltonian functions

Livia Corsi, Roberto Feola, Guido Gentile

1209.2909 (Jaume Masoliver et al.)

First-passage and escape problems in the Feller process    [PDF]

Jaume Masoliver, Josep Perell├│

1209.2913 (Gerald Kaiser)

Electromagnetic helicity wavelets: a model for quasar engines?    [PDF]

Gerald Kaiser

1209.2940 (Abbas Al-Shimary et al.)

Lifetime of topological quantum memories in thermal environment    [PDF]

Abbas Al-Shimary, James R. Wootton, Jiannis K. Pachos

1209.2941 (Luigi Rosa et al.)

On the $\star$-product quantization and the Duflo map in three

Luigi Rosa, Patrizia Vitale

1209.2957 (Dimitri A. Klimenko et al.)

Evaluating transport in irregular pore networks    [PDF]

Dimitri A. Klimenko, Kamel Hooman, Alexander Y. Klimenko

1209.2964 (D. A. Knopoff et al.)

Adjoint method for a tumour growth PDE-constrained optimization problem    [PDF]

D. A. Knopoff, D. R. Fernández, G. A. Torres, C. V. Turner

1209.2968 (Jeffrey Galkowski)

Quantum Ergodicity for a Class of Mixed Systems    [PDF]

Jeffrey Galkowski

1209.2982 (Colin B. Hunter)

A Moduli Space of the Quaternionic Hopf Surface Encodes Standard Model

Colin B. Hunter

1209.2988 (Tudor Ratiu et al.)

Nonexistence of smooth solutions for the general compressible Ericksen
-- Leslie equations in three dimensions

Tudor Ratiu, Olga Rozanova

1209.2999 (S. Igonin et al.)

Infinite-dimensional prolongation Lie algebras and multicomponent
Landau-Lifshitz systems associated with higher genus curves

S. Igonin, J. van de Leur, G. Manno, V. Trushkov

1209.3002 (Simon Gindikin et al.)

Restricted Roots and Restricted Form of Weyl Dimension Formula for
Spherical Varieties

Simon Gindikin, Roe Goodman