Wednesday, July 25, 2012

0902.4496 (Jonathan C. Mattingly et al.)

Geometric ergodicity of a bead-spring pair with stochastic Stokes

Jonathan C. Mattingly, Scott A. McKinley, Natesh S. Pillai

1108.6136 (Kay Kirkpatrick et al.)

On the continuum limit for discrete NLS with long-range lattice

Kay Kirkpatrick, Enno Lenzmann, Gigliola Staffilani

1109.1085 (Louis H. Kauffman)

Non-Commutative Worlds and Classical Constraints    [PDF]

Louis H. Kauffman

1110.6873 (Shengjun Wu)

Correlation measures in bipartite states and entanglement

Shengjun Wu

1112.1119 (Patrick Desrosiers et al.)

Asymptotics for products of characteristic polynomials in classical

Patrick Desrosiers, Dang-Zheng Liu

1207.5569 (Peter D. Jarvis et al.)

Algebraic random walks in the setting of symmetric functions    [PDF]

Peter D. Jarvis, Demosthenes Ellinas

1207.5584 (Satoru Odake et al.)

Multi-indexed Wilson and Askey-Wilson Polynomials    [PDF]

Satoru Odake, Ryu Sasaki

1207.5619 (Antti Knowles et al.)

The Outliers of a Deformed Wigner Matrix    [PDF]

Antti Knowles, Jun Yin

1207.5623 (S. Henning et al.)

Exact results on the Kondo-lattice magnetic polaron    [PDF]

S. Henning, P. Herrmann, W. Nolting

1207.5638 (Martin Könenberg et al.)

On enhanced binding and related effects in the non- and
semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz models

Martin Könenberg, Oliver Matte

1207.5648 (Jens Bolte et al.)

Quantum graphs with two-particle contact interactions    [PDF]

Jens Bolte, Joachim Kerner

1207.5658 (Shoichi Kanno et al.)

Virasoro constraint for Nekrasov instanton partition function    [PDF]

Shoichi Kanno, Yutaka Matsuo, Hong Zhang

1207.5669 (Rahul Srivastava et al.)

Poincaré Invariant Quantum Field Theories With Twisted Internal

Rahul Srivastava, Sachindeo Vaidya

1207.5676 (Claudio Cacciapuoti et al.)

Effective equation for a system of mechanical oscillators in an acoustic

Claudio Cacciapuoti, Rodolfo Figari, Andrea Posilicano

1207.5677 (Riccardo Adami et al.)

Orbital and asymptotic stability for standing waves of a NLS equation
with concentrated nonlinearity in dimension three

Riccardo Adami, Diego Noja, Cecilia Ortoleva

1207.5687 (Dmitry Ioffe et al.)

An Almost-Sure CLT for Stretched Polymers    [PDF]

Dmitry Ioffe, Yvan Velenik

1207.5727 (Emilio N. M. Cirillo et al.)

Kink Localization under Asymmetric Double-Well Potential    [PDF]

Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Nicoletta Ianiro, Giulio Sciarra

1207.5730 (Rodolfo Gambini et al.)

Self-adjointness in the Hamiltonians of deparameterized totally
constrained theories: a model

Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin

1207.5731 (Alessandro Arsie et al.)

Reciprocal $F$-manifolds    [PDF]

Alessandro Arsie, Paolo Lorenzoni

1207.5754 (Scott A. Norris)

Stress-induced patterns in ion-irradiated Silicon: a model based on
anisotropic plastic flow

Scott A. Norris

1207.5763 (Anna Vershynina)

Existence of the thermodynamic limit and asymptotic behavior of some
irreversible quantum dynamical systems

Anna Vershynina

1207.5782 (Jihye Seo)

Exactly stable non-BPS spinors in heterotic string theory on tori    [PDF]

Jihye Seo