Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1207.5677 (Riccardo Adami et al.)

Orbital and asymptotic stability for standing waves of a NLS equation
with concentrated nonlinearity in dimension three

Riccardo Adami, Diego Noja, Cecilia Ortoleva
We begin to study in this paper orbital and asymptotic stability of standing waves for a model of Schr\"odinger equation with concentrated nonlinearity in dimension three. The nonlinearity is obtained considering a {point} (or contact) interaction with strength $\alpha$, which consists of a singular perturbation of the laplacian described by a selfadjoint operator $H_{\alpha}$, where the strength $\alpha$ depends on the wavefunction: $i\dot u= H_\alpha u$, $\alpha=\alpha(u)$. If $q$ is the so-called charge of the domain element $u$, i.e. the coefficient of its singular part, we let the strength $\alpha$ depend on $u$ according to the law $\alpha=-\nu|q|^\sigma$, with $\nu > 0$. This characterizes the model as a focusing NLS with concentrated nonlinearity of power type. For such a model we prove the existence of standing waves of the form $u (t)=e^{i\omega t}\Phi_{\omega}$, which are orbitally stable in the range $\sigma \in (0,1)$, and orbitally unstable for $\sigma \geq 1.$ Moreover, we show that for $\sigma \in (0,\frac{1}{\sqrt 2})$ every standing wave is asymptotically stable in the following sense. Choosing initial data close to the stationary state in the energy norm, and belonging to a natural weighted $L^p$ space which allows dispersive estimates, the following resolution holds: $u(t) = e^{i\omega_{\infty} t} \Phi_{\omega_{\infty}} +U_t*\psi_{\infty} +r_{\infty}, \quad \textrm{as} \;\; t \rightarrow +\infty$, where $U$ is the free Schr\"odinger propagator, $\omega_{\infty} > 0$ and $\psi_{\infty}$, $r_{\infty} \in L^2(\R^3)$ with $\| r_{\infty} \|_{L^2} = O(t^{-5/4}) \quad \textrm{as} \;\; t \rightarrow +\infty$. Notice that in the present model the admitted nonlinearity for which asymptotic stability of solitons is proved is subcritical.
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