Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1207.5782 (Jihye Seo)

Exactly stable non-BPS spinors in heterotic string theory on tori    [PDF]

Jihye Seo
Considering SO(32) heterotic string theory compactified on a torus of dimension 4 and less, stability of non-supersymmetric states is studied. A non-supersymmetric state with robust stability is constructed, and its exact stability is proven in a large region of moduli space against all the possible decay mechanisms allowed by charge conservation. Using various T-duality transform matrices, we translate various selection rules about conserved charges into simpler problems resembling partition and parity of integers. For heterotic string on T^4, we give a complete list of BPS atoms with elementary excitations, and we study BPS and non-BPS molecules with various binding energies. Using string-string duality, the results are interpreted in terms of Dirichlet-branes in type IIA string theory compactified on an orbifold limit of a K3 surface.
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