Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1103.3722 (Patricia Gonçalves et al.)

Scaling limits of additive functionals of interacting particle systems    [PDF]

Patricia Gonçalves, Milton Jara

1106.1103 (Norbert Bodendorfer et al.)

Towards Loop Quantum Supergravity (LQSG)    [PDF]

Norbert Bodendorfer, Thomas Thiemann, Andreas Thurn

1109.3289 (O. Bernardi et al.)

A new estimate on Evans' Weak KAM approach    [PDF]

O. Bernardi, F. Cardin, M. Guzzo

1206.2351 (Chuan-Tsung Chan et al.)

Analytic Study for the String Theory Landscapes via Matrix Models    [PDF]

Chuan-Tsung Chan, Hirotaka Irie, Chi-Hsien Yeh

1206.2418 (G. Niccoli)

Form factors and complete spectrum of XXX antiperiodic higher spin
chains by quantum separation of variables

G. Niccoli

1206.2430 (Claudio Muñoz)

On approximate controllability of generalized KdV solitons    [PDF]

Claudio Muñoz

1206.2458 (Francesco Antonuccio)

4-Spinors and a Projection onto 3+1 Spacetime    [PDF]

Francesco Antonuccio

1206.2462 (Kasper Duivenvoorden et al.)

On topological phases of spin chains    [PDF]

Kasper Duivenvoorden, Thomas Quella

1206.2472 (Elena Kartashova)

Weakly nonlinear wave systems with a single mode excitation    [PDF]

Elena Kartashova

1206.2481 (Anton O. Belyakov et al.)

Homoclinic, Subharmonic and Superharmonic Bifurcations for a Pendulum
with Periodically Varying Length

Anton O. Belyakov, Alexander P. Seyranian

1206.2507 (H. de Guise et al.)

Complementarity and phases in SU(3)    [PDF]

H. de Guise, A. Vourdas, L. L. Sanchez-Soto

1206.2508 (G. Sardanashvily)

Grassmann-graded Lagrangian theory of even and odd variables    [PDF]

G. Sardanashvily

1206.2513 (J. Weberszpil et al.)

Aspects of the Coarse-Grained-Based Approach to a Low-Relativistic
Fractional Schrödinger Equation

J. Weberszpil, C. F. L. Godinho, A. Cherman, J. A. Helayël-Neto

1206.2536 (Wojciech Roga et al.)

Entropic uncertainty relation for quantum operations    [PDF]

Wojciech Roga, Zbigniew Puchała, Karol Życzkowski

1206.2594 (Charles Schwartz)

A Conjecture about Conserved Symmetric Tensors    [PDF]

Charles Schwartz

1206.2602 (Ali Mahdipour-Shirayeh et al.)

A new proof for the Banach-Zarecki theorem: A light on integrability and

Ali Mahdipour-Shirayeh, Homayoon Eshraghi

1206.2607 (F. Gay-Balmaz et al.)

Parameterizing interaction of disparate scales: Selective decay by
Casimir dissipation in fluids

F. Gay-Balmaz, D. D. Holm

1206.2630 (N. Kitanine et al.)

Form factor approach to dynamical correlation functions in critical

N. Kitanine, K. K. Kozlowski, J. M. Maillet, N. A. Slavnov, V. Terras