Wednesday, June 13, 2012

1206.2351 (Chuan-Tsung Chan et al.)

Analytic Study for the String Theory Landscapes via Matrix Models    [PDF]

Chuan-Tsung Chan, Hirotaka Irie, Chi-Hsien Yeh
We demonstrate a first-principle analysis of the string theory landscapes in the framework of non-critical string/matrix models. In particular, we discuss non-perturbative instability, decay rate and the true vacuum of perturbative string theories. As a simple example, we argue that the perturbative string vacuum of pure gravity is stable; but that of Yang-Lee edge singularity is inescapably a false vacuum. Surprisingly, most of perturbative minimal string vacua are unstable, and their true vacuum mostly does not suffer from non-perturbative ambiguity. Importantly, we observe that the instability of these tachyon-less closed string theories is caused by ghost D-instantons (or ghost ZZ-branes), the existence of which is determined only by non-perturbative completion of string theory.
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