Monday, December 17, 2012

1108.1285 (S. Maiti et al.)

Non-Newtonian characteristics of peristaltic flow of blood in

S. Maiti, J. C. Misra

1110.2889 (Laura Gabriela Matei et al.)

Multitime Rayleigh Solitons    [PDF]

Laura Gabriela Matei, Constantin Udriste

1212.3351 (Alexei Borodin et al.)

Lectures on integrable probability    [PDF]

Alexei Borodin, Vadim Gorin

1212.3366 (Alexandre Lazarescu)

Matrix Ansatz for the Fluctuations of the Current in the ASEP with Open

Alexandre Lazarescu

1212.3326 (Kai Jiang et al.)

Numerical Methods for Quasicrystals    [PDF]

Kai Jiang, Pingwen Zhang

1212.3416 (Shuang Cong et al.)

Implicit Lyapunov Control for the Quantum Liouville Equation    [PDF]

Shuang Cong, Fangfang Meng, Jianxiu Liu

1212.3444 (Oleksandr Chvartatskyi et al.)

Matrix generalizations of integrable systems with Lax
integro-differential representations

Oleksandr Chvartatskyi, Yuriy Sydorenko

1212.3448 (Anthony J. Guttmann)

Self-avoiding walks and polygons -- an overview    [PDF]

Anthony J. Guttmann

1212.3462 (Marco Matassa)

A modular spectral triple for $κ$-Minkowski space    [PDF]

Marco Matassa

1212.3474 (I. Marquette et al.)

Two-step rational extensions of the harmonic oscillator: exceptional
orthogonal polynomials and ladder operators

I. Marquette, C. Quesne

1212.3533 (Maciej Janowicz et al.)

Statistical linearizations for stochastically quantized fields    [PDF]

Maciej Janowicz, Arkadiusz Orłowski

1212.3571 (Ioannis Anapolitanos et al.)

The ground state energy of the multi-polaron in the strong coupling

Ioannis Anapolitanos, Benjamin Landon

1212.3592 (Nikolay Dedushenko)

Superstring BRST no-ghost theorem at arbitrary picture number    [PDF]

Nikolay Dedushenko

1212.3595 (Arman Taghavi-Chabert)

Pure spinors, intrinsic torsion and curvature in even dimensions    [PDF]

Arman Taghavi-Chabert

1212.3597 (M. Feigin et al.)

A class of Baker-Akhiezer arrangements    [PDF]

M. Feigin, D. Johnston