Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1009.1435 (Holly Carley et al.)

Constructing graphs over $R^n$ with small prescribed mean-curvature    [PDF]

Holly Carley, Michael Kiessling

1106.0151 (Mofreh R. Zaghloul et al.)

Algorithm 916: computing the Faddeyeva and Voigt functions    [PDF]

Mofreh R. Zaghloul, Ahmed N. Ali

1209.4915 (Predrag Cvitanovic et al.)

Cartography of high-dimensional flows: A visual guide to sections and

Predrag Cvitanovic, Daniel Borrero-Echeverry, Keith M. Carroll, Bryce Robbins, Evangelos Siminos

1209.4953 (F. M. Andrade et al.)

Superdiffusivity of quantum walks: A Feynman sum-over-paths description    [PDF]

F. M. Andrade, M. G. E. da Luz

1209.4980 (Vit Jakubsky)

Potential algebras of low-dimensional Dirac operators: applications    [PDF]

Vit Jakubsky

1209.5016 (Mark Shoemaker)

Birationality of Berglund-Hübsch-Krawitz Mirrors    [PDF]

Mark Shoemaker

1209.5020 (K. Burghardt et al.)

A Computer Algorithm For Engineering Off-Shell Multiplets With Four
Supercharges On The World Sheet

K. Burghardt, S. J. Gates Jr

1209.5028 (Alexander Bihlo et al.)

Invariant discretization schemes for the heat equation    [PDF]

Alexander Bihlo, Jean-Christophe Nave

1209.5034 (Anton Galajinsky)

Near horizon black holes in diverse dimensions and integrable models    [PDF]

Anton Galajinsky

1209.5057 (Johannes Aastrup et al.)

C*-algebras of Holonomy-Diffeomorphisms & Quantum Gravity II    [PDF]

Johannes Aastrup, Jesper M. Grimstrup

1209.5059 (Alexander C. R. Belton)

Quantum random walks and thermalisation II    [PDF]

Alexander C. R. Belton

1209.5060 (Johannes Aastrup et al.)

C*-algebras of Holonomy-Diffeomorphisms & Quantum Gravity I    [PDF]

Johannes Aastrup, Jesper M. Grimstrup

1209.5092 (Zhongwei Shen)

Existence, Uniqueness and Anisotropic-Decay-Caused Lifshitz Tails of the
Integrated Density of Surface States for Random Surface Models

Zhongwei Shen

1209.5094 (Janis Noetzel)

A solution to two party typicality using representation theory of the
symmetric group

Janis Noetzel

1209.5103 (C. Adam et al.)

A gauged baby Skyrme model and a novel BPS bound    [PDF]

C. Adam, C. Naya, J. Sanchez-Guillen, A. Wereszczynski

1209.5109 (V. Dolotin et al.)

Introduction to Khovanov Homologies. II. Reduced Jones superpolynomials    [PDF]

V. Dolotin, A. Morozov

1209.5114 (D. Babusci et al.)

Symbolic methods for the evaluation of sum rules of Bessel functions    [PDF]

D. Babusci, G. Dattoli, K. Gorska, K. A. Penson

1209.5133 (Kazuyuki Fujii et al.)

An Approximate Solution of the Dynamical Casimir Effect in a Cavity with
a Two-Level Atom

Kazuyuki Fujii, Tatsuo Suzuki

1209.5165 (Louis Boutet De Monvel et al.)

The action of pseudo-differential operators on functions harmonic
outside a smooth hyper-surface

Louis Boutet De Monvel, Yves Colin De Verdière

1209.5186 (Donglun Wu et al.)

Existence of Hyperbolic Orbits for N-body Type Problems    [PDF]

Donglun Wu, Shiqing Zhang

1209.5191 (Yury Smirnov et al.)

Eigenwaves in Waveguides with Dielectric Inclusions: Spectrum    [PDF]

Yury Smirnov, Yury Shestopalov

1209.5215 (Bernard S. Kay)

On the origin of thermality    [PDF]

Bernard S. Kay

1209.5233 (Lin Zhang)

Majorization-preserving quantum channels    [PDF]

Lin Zhang

1209.5297 (Jaroslaw Wawrzycki)

Multiplication in Newton's Principia    [PDF]

Jaroslaw Wawrzycki

1209.5305 (/'Alvaro G/'omez-Le/'on et al.)

Topological phases in adiabatic and nonadiabatic driven systems    [PDF]

/'Alvaro G/'omez-Le/'on, Gloria Platero

1209.5324 (Jorge Yanez Escanciano et al.)

A mathematical model for three dimensional detonation as pure
gas-dynamic discontinuity

Jorge Yanez Escanciano, Andreas G. Class

1209.5351 (Manuel de León et al.)

A Universal Hamilton-Jacobi Theory    [PDF]

Manuel de León, David Martín de Diego, Miguel Vaquero

1209.5363 (Charles Z. Martin)

Variation of Green Functions: Normal Derivatives    [PDF]

Charles Z. Martin

1209.5367 (Asif Shakeel et al.)

When is a Quantum Cellular Automaton (QCA) a Quantum Lattice Gas
Automaton (QLGA)?

Asif Shakeel, Peter J. Love

1209.5378 (H. Fakhri et al.)

Exponential generating functions for the associated Bessel functions    [PDF]

H. Fakhri, B. Mojaveri, M. A. Gomshi Nobary