Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1209.5060 (Johannes Aastrup et al.)

C*-algebras of Holonomy-Diffeomorphisms & Quantum Gravity I    [PDF]

Johannes Aastrup, Jesper M. Grimstrup
A new approach to a unified theory of quantum gravity based on noncommutative geometry and canonical quantum gravity is presented. The approach is built around a *-algebra generated by local holonomy-diffeomorphisms on a 3-manifold and a quantized Dirac type operator; the two capturing the kinematics of quantum gravity formulated in terms of Ashtekar variables. We prove that the separable part of the spectrum of the algebra is contained in the space of measurable connections modulo gauge transformations and we give limitations to the non-separable part. The construction of the Dirac type operator -- and thus the application of noncommutative geometry -- is motivated by the requirement of diffeomorphism invariance. We conjecture that a semi-finite spectral triple, which is invariant under volume-preserving diffeomorphisms, arise from a GNS construction of a semi-classical state. Key elements of quantum field theory emerge from the construction in a semi-classical limit, as does an almost commutative algebra. Finally, we note that the spectrum of loop quantum gravity emerges from a discretization of our construction. Certain convergence issues are left unresolved. This paper is the first of two where the second paper is concerned with mathematical details and proofs concerning the spectrum of the holonomy-diffeomorphism algebra.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1209.5060

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