Monday, July 1, 2013

1109.2064 (Paolo Camassa et al.)

Thermal States in Conformal QFT. II    [PDF]

Paolo Camassa, Roberto Longo, Yoh Tanimoto, Mihaly Weiner

1305.2768 (Niels Benedikter et al.)

Mean-field Evolution of Fermionic Systems    [PDF]

Niels Benedikter, Marcello Porta, Benjamin Schlein

1306.6698 (Helen Au-Yang et al.)

Quasicrystals -- The impact of N.G. de Bruijn    [PDF]

Helen Au-Yang, Jacques H. H. Perk

1306.6705 (Nam-Gyu Kang)

Conformal field theory of dipolar SLE(4) with mixed boundary condition    [PDF]

Nam-Gyu Kang

1306.6816 (Frédéric Holweck et al.)

Entanglement of four qubit systems: a geometric atlas with polynomial
compas I (the finite world)

Frédéric Holweck, Jean-Gabriel Luque, Jean-Yves Thibon

1306.6817 (Andrea Santi)

On Immersible G-Structures    [PDF]

Andrea Santi

1306.6828 (Antonino Favata et al.)

A Shell Theory for Chiral Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes    [PDF]

Antonino Favata, Paolo Podio-Guidugli

1306.6874 (Larisa Beilina et al.)

Reconstruction from blind experimental data for an inverse problem for a
hyperbolic equation

Larisa Beilina, Nguyen Trung Thành, Michael V. Klibanov, Michael A. Fiddy

1306.6887 (Robert R. Lompay et al.)

Covariant Differential Identities and Conservation Laws in
Metric-Torsion Theories of Gravitation. I. General Consideration

Robert R. Lompay, Alexander N. Petrov

1306.6892 (Mihail Poplavskyi)

Universality at the Edge for Unitary Matrix Models    [PDF]

Mihail Poplavskyi

1306.6906 (Sabine Jansen et al.)

Wigner crystallization in the quantum 1D jellium at all densities    [PDF]

Sabine Jansen, Paul Jung

1306.6922 (T. Koide et al.)

Quantization of Complex Klein-Gordon Equation in Stochastic Variational

T. Koide, T. Kodama

1306.6941 (Simon Scott)

Log-TQFT and torsion    [PDF]

Simon Scott