Friday, March 9, 2012

1010.3305 (Yuliy Baryshnikov et al.)

Asymptotic Traffic Flow in a Hyperbolic Network: Non-uniform Traffic    [PDF]

Yuliy Baryshnikov, Gabriel H. Tucci

1106.3298 (Henk van Beijeren)

Exact results for anomalous transport in one dimensional Hamiltonian

Henk van Beijeren

1108.0806 (Marina Prokhorova)

The spectral flow for Dirac operators on compact planar domains with
local boundary conditions

Marina Prokhorova

1110.2150 (Alexander Strohmaier et al.)

An Algorithm for the Computation of Eigenvalues, Spectral Zeta Functions
and Zeta-Determinants on Hyperbolic Surfaces

Alexander Strohmaier, Ville Uski

1110.6861 (Roberto Bondesan et al.)

Conformal boundary state for the rectangular geometry    [PDF]

Roberto Bondesan, Jerome Dubail, Jesper Lykke Jacobsen, Hubert Saleur

1111.5597 (Marcelo Gleiser et al.)

Entropic Measure for Localized Energy Configurations: Kinks, Bounces,
and Bubbles

Marcelo Gleiser, Nikitas Stamatopoulos

1203.0766 (Ruben L. Mkrtchyan et al.)

Universality in Chern-Simons theory    [PDF]

Ruben L. Mkrtchyan, Alexander P. Veselov

1203.1658 (Gregory Schehr)

Extremes of N vicious walkers for large N: application to the directed
polymer and KPZ interfaces

Gregory Schehr

1203.1663 (A. Ibort et al.)

The Geometry of Integrable and Superintegrable Systems    [PDF]

A. Ibort, G. Marmo

1203.1709 (Pedram Hekmati et al.)

T-duality of current algebras and their quantization    [PDF]

Pedram Hekmati, Varghese Mathai

1203.1716 (Oana Constantinescu)

Formal Integrability for the nonautonomous case of the inverse problem
of the calculus of variations

Oana Constantinescu

1203.1736 (Sameer M. Ikhdair et al.)

Relativistic and nonrelativistic bound states of the isotonic oscillator
by Nikiforov-Uvarov method

Sameer M. Ikhdair, R. Sever

1203.1764 (Sergey V. Smirnov)

Semidiscrete Toda lattices    [PDF]

Sergey V. Smirnov

1203.1770 (Xiaodong Liu et al.)

Long-term perturbations due to a disturbing body in elliptic inclined

Xiaodong Liu, Hexi Baoyin, Xingrui Ma

1203.1775 (Xiaodong Liu et al.)

Periodic orbits around areostationary points in the Martian gravity

Xiaodong Liu, Hexi Baoyin, Xingrui Ma

1203.1786 (L. S. Schulman et al.)

Spectral properties of zero temperature dynamics in a model of a
compacting granular column

L. S. Schulman, J. M. Luck, Anita Mehta

1203.1795 (Anna De Masi et al.)

Non equilibrium stationary state for the SEP with births and deaths    [PDF]

Anna De Masi, Errico Presutti, Dimitrios Tsagkarogiannis, Maria Eulalia Vares

1203.1805 (V. A. Malyshev)

Analytic dynamics of one-dimensional particle system with strong

V. A. Malyshev

1203.1812 (C. Quesne)

Revisiting (quasi-)exactly solvable rational extensions of the Morse

C. Quesne

1203.1819 (Ovidiu-Cristinel Stoica)

Beyond the Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker Big Bang singularity    [PDF]

Ovidiu-Cristinel Stoica

1203.1822 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Asymptotic Analysis of the Boltzmann Equation for Dark Matter Relics    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Sarben Sarkar

1203.1846 (Alan Coley et al.)

Refinements of the Weyl tensor classification in five dimensions    [PDF]

Alan Coley, Sigbjorn Hervik, Marcello Ortaggio, Lode Wylleman

1203.1900 (Hannah Arendt et al.)

Consensus on Moving Neighborhood Model of Peterson Graph    [PDF]

Hannah Arendt, Jorgensen Jost

1203.1912 (David Chiron et al.)

Traveling waves for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with nonzero
conditions at infinity, II

David Chiron, Mihai Mari\cs