Tuesday, May 1, 2012

0910.1315 (Easwar Magesan et al.)

Gate fidelity fluctuations and quantum process invariants    [PDF]

Easwar Magesan, Robin Blume-Kohout, Joseph Emerson

1008.1575 (A. Sergyeyev)

Coupling constant metamorphosis as an integrability-preserving
transformation for general finite-dimensional dynamical systems and ODEs

A. Sergyeyev

1010.4387 (Pouria Pedram)

Anharmonic oscillator and the optimized basis expansion    [PDF]

Pouria Pedram

1010.5578 (Hongyu Liu)

Approximate Acoustic Cloaking in Inhomogeneous Isotropic Space    [PDF]

Hongyu Liu

1104.3443 (Vincent Rivasseau et al.)

Constructive Renormalization for $Φ^{4}_2$ Theory with Loop Vertex

Vincent Rivasseau, Zhituo Wang

1106.0023 (Yuji Kodama et al.)

KP solitons and total positivity for the Grassmannian    [PDF]

Yuji Kodama, Lauren Williams

1108.4791 (Patryk Mach et al.)

(In)finite extent of stationary perfect fluids in Newtonian theory    [PDF]

Patryk Mach, Walter Simon

1110.3164 (L. D Lantsman)

Interpreting Dirac variables in terms of the Hilbert space of
gauge-invariant and Poincare-covariant states

L. D Lantsman

1110.6263 (Gregory Gauthier)

Avalanche dynamics of the Abelian sandpile model on the expanded cactus

Gregory Gauthier

1111.0144 (Hugo Duminil-Copin et al.)

The near-critical planar FK-Ising model    [PDF]

Hugo Duminil-Copin, Christophe Garban, Gábor Pete

1112.2648 (D. M. Gitman et al.)

Electronic Structure of Superheavy Atoms. Revisited    [PDF]

D. M. Gitman, A. D. Levin, I. V. Tyutin, B. L. Voronov

1112.4360 (Stefan Müller-Stach et al.)

A second-order differential equation for the two-loop sunrise graph with
arbitrary masses

Stefan Müller-Stach, Stefan Weinzierl, Raphael Zayadeh

1204.6344 (Riccardo Adami et al.)

Constrained energy minimization and ground states for NLS with point

Riccardo Adami, Diego Noja, Nicola Visciglia

1204.6373 (Lamei Yuan et al.)

Hom-Novikov Algebras and Hom-Novikov-Poisson Algebras    [PDF]

Lamei Yuan, Hong You

1204.6375 (Frédéric Holweck et al.)

Geometric descriptions of entangled states by auxiliaries varieties    [PDF]

Frédéric Holweck, Jean-Gabriel Luque, Jean-Yves Thibon

1204.6379 (Jon R. Grice et al.)

Discrete Quantum Control - State Preparation    [PDF]

Jon R. Grice, David A. Meyer

1204.6409 (Tsukasa Tada)

Matrix model criticality and resonant tunneling    [PDF]

Tsukasa Tada

1204.6410 (Y. Kucukakca et al.)

LRS Bianchi type I universes exhibiting Noether symmetry in the
scalar-tensor Brans-Dicke theory

Y. Kucukakca, U. Camci, İ. Semiz

1204.6425 (Lei Zhang et al.)

The Deformation of Poincaré Subgroups Concerning Very Special

Lei Zhang, Xun Xue

1204.6437 (R. Mehrem)

Non-Local Interactions For the Deuteron Using Spherical Bessel Functions    [PDF]

R. Mehrem

1204.6438 (Simon Hochgerner et al.)

Geometry of non-holonomic diffusion    [PDF]

Simon Hochgerner, Tudor S. Ratiu

1204.6446 (Yuji Kodama et al.)

A Deodhar decomposition of the Grassmannian and the regularity of KP

Yuji Kodama, Lauren Williams

1204.6460 (Anatolij Dvurečenskij et al.)

Observables on Quantum Structures    [PDF]

Anatolij Dvurečenskij, Mária Kuková

1204.6470 (Yohei Kashima)

Exponential decay of equal-time four-point correlation functions in the
Hubbard model on the copper-oxide lattice

Yohei Kashima

1204.6485 (Lawrence E. Thomas)

Persistent energy flow for a stochastic wave equation model in
nonequilibrium statistical mechanics

Lawrence E. Thomas

1204.6486 (Anatolij Dvurečenskij)

Smearing of Observables and Spectral Measures on Quantum Structures    [PDF]

Anatolij Dvurečenskij

1204.6490 (Emil Prodan)

Quantum Transport in Disordered Systems under Magnetic Fields: A Study
based on Operator Algebras

Emil Prodan

1204.6493 (A. D. Alhaidari et al.)

The Dirac-Coulomb Problem: a mathematical revisit    [PDF]

A. D. Alhaidari, H. Bahlouli, M. E. H. Ismail

1204.6496 (Hong Qian)

A Decomposition of Irreversible Diffusion Processes Without Detailed

Hong Qian

1204.6544 (Jun-Qing Li et al.)

Investigation of PT-symmetric Hamiltonian systems from an alternative
point of view

Jun-Qing Li, Qian Li, Yan-Gang Miao

1204.6546 (M. K. Mak et al.)

New integrability case for the Riccati equation    [PDF]

M. K. Mak, T. Harko

1204.6562 (Oktay Aydoğdu et al.)

Effective-Mass Dirac Equation for Woods-Saxon Potential: Scattering,
Bound States and Resonances

Oktay Aydoğdu, Altug Arda, Ramazan Sever

1204.6573 (Lucía Bua et al.)

Symmetries, Newtonoids vector fields and conservation laws on the
Lagrangian $k$-symplectic formalism

Lucía Bua, Ioan Bucataru, Modesto Salgado

1204.6605 (Emanuela Caliceti et al.)

Quadratic PT-symmetric operators with real spectrum and similarity to
self-adjoint operators

Emanuela Caliceti, Sandro Graffi, Michael Hitrik, Johannes Sjoestrand

1204.6609 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Electric Dipole Moment from QCD $θ$ and How It Vanishes for Mixed

A. P. Balachandran, T. R. Govindarajan, Amilcar R. de Queiroz

1204.6640 (Ruying Xue)

Scattering problem for Klein-Gordon equation with cubic convolution

Ruying Xue

1204.6648 (François Germinet et al.)

Spectral properties of dynamical localization for Schrödinger

François Germinet, Amal Taarabt

1204.6673 (Rustum Choksi et al.)

Global minimizers for axisymmetric multiphase membranes    [PDF]

Rustum Choksi, Marco Morandotti, Marco Veneroni

1204.6685 (Derek Harland et al.)

Magnetic Domains    [PDF]

Derek Harland, Sam Palmer, Christian Saemann

1204.6693 (Mohammed El Bouziani et al.)

Confined System with Rashba Coupling in Constant Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Mohammed El Bouziani, Rachid Houca, Ahmed Jellal

1204.6698 (Markus Schmuck et al.)

Homogenization of a catalyst layer model for periodically distributed
pore geometries in PEM fuel cells

Markus Schmuck, Peter Berg