Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1003.4310 (S. R. Holcombe et al.)

Charge Transport in one Dimension:Dissipative and Non-Dissipative
Space-Charge Limited Currents

S. R. Holcombe, E. R. Smith

1010.3978 (Ko Sanders)

Essential self-adjointness of Wick squares in quasi-free Hadamard
representations on curved spacetimes

Ko Sanders

1011.5485 (Benjamin Steinhurst et al.)

Existence of a Meromorphic Extension of Spectral Zeta Functions on

Benjamin Steinhurst, Alexander Teplyaev

1012.1569 (Sergio Albeverio et al.)

The a priori Tan Theta Theorem for spectral subspaces    [PDF]

Sergio Albeverio, Alexander K. Motovilov

1107.3356 (Andrey E. Mironov)

Self-adjoint commuting differential operators and commutative
subalgebras of the Weyl algebra

Andrey E. Mironov

1201.0291 (Gui-Qiang Chen et al.)

Global Steady Subsonic Flows through Infinitely Long Nozzles for the
Full Euler Equations

Gui-Qiang Chen, Xuemei Deng, Wei Xiang

1204.1645 (Lyudmila A. Alexeyeva)

The generalized solutions of the Lama's equations in the case of running
loads. The shock waves

Lyudmila A. Alexeyeva

1204.1731 (Alexander Komech et al.)

Weighted decay for magnetic Schroedinger equation    [PDF]

Alexander Komech, Elena Kopylova

1204.1774 (Yi-Zhi Huang)

Meromorphic open-string vertex algebras    [PDF]

Yi-Zhi Huang

1204.1801 (A. V. Tsiganov)

On superintegrable Stackel systems: elliptic and parabolic coordinates    [PDF]

A. V. Tsiganov

1204.1826 (Qi Ding)

Entire spacelike translating solitons in Minkowski space    [PDF]

Qi Ding

1204.1853 (Burak Tevfik Kaynak et al.)

A Klein Gordon Particle Captured by Embedded Curves    [PDF]

Burak Tevfik Kaynak, O. Teoman Turgut

1204.1858 (Vladimir V. Kisil)

Classical/Quantum=Commutative/Noncommutative?    [PDF]

Vladimir V. Kisil

1204.1916 (Fereidoun Sabetghadam et al.)

Construction of Solenoidal Immersed Velocity Vectors Using the Kinematic
Velocity--Vorticity Relation

Fereidoun Sabetghadam, Shervin Sharafatmandjoor, Mehdi Badri

1204.1918 (Daniel da Silva)

Continuity of generalized wave maps on the sphere    [PDF]

Daniel da Silva