Thursday, February 23, 2012

0910.1713 (Li-Bin Li et al.)

Isomorphisms and automorphisms of quantum groups    [PDF]

Li-Bin Li, Jie-Tai Yu

1108.0896 (Nitin Chandra et al.)

Thermodynamics of Ideal Gas in Doubly Special Relativity    [PDF]

Nitin Chandra, Sandeep Chatterjee

1109.2560 (Paul B. Slater)

Moment-Based Evidence for Simple Rational-Valued Hilbert-Schmidt Generic
2 x 2 Separability Probabilities

Paul B. Slater

1112.3913 (Iana I. Anguelova)

Boson-fermion correspondence of type B and twisted vertex algebras    [PDF]

Iana I. Anguelova

1202.4776 (M. P. Ramirez T. et al.)

First characterization of a new method for numerically solving the
Dirichlet problem of the two-dimensional Electrical Impedance Equation

M. P. Ramirez T., C. M. A. Robles G., R. A. Hernandez-Becerril

1202.4781 (M. P. Ramirez T)

Study of the forward Dirichlet boundary value problem for the
two-dimensional Electrical Impedance Equation

M. P. Ramirez T

1202.4848 (Victor Mikhaylov)

On the Solutions of Generalized Bogomolny Equations    [PDF]

Victor Mikhaylov

1202.4928 (Sonia Fliss)

A Dirichlet-to-Neumann approach for the exact computation of guided
modes in photonic crystal waveguides

Sonia Fliss

1202.4948 (Jason Lo et al.)

Representing stable complexes on projective spaces    [PDF]

Jason Lo, Ziyu Zhang

1202.4984 (V. Bychkov et al.)

N=4 Supersymmetric Landau Models    [PDF]

V. Bychkov, E. Ivanov

1202.4998 (Chris Joyner et al.)

Semiclassical approach to discrete symmetries in quantum chaos    [PDF]

Chris Joyner, Sebastian Müller, Martin Sieber

1202.5001 (Delia Ionescu-Kruse)

On the particle paths and the stagnation points in small-amplitude
deep-water waves

Delia Ionescu-Kruse

1202.5005 (Alexander Stukowski)

Structure identification methods for atomistic simulations of
crystalline materials

Alexander Stukowski

1202.5006 (Delia Ionescu-Kruse)

Variational derivation of two-component Camassa-Holm shallow water

Delia Ionescu-Kruse

1202.5031 (Lenka Háková et al.)

Six types of $E-$functions of the Lie groups O(5) and G(2)    [PDF]

Lenka Háková, Jiří Hrivnák, Jiří Patera