Thursday, February 23, 2012

1202.4998 (Chris Joyner et al.)

Semiclassical approach to discrete symmetries in quantum chaos    [PDF]

Chris Joyner, Sebastian Müller, Martin Sieber
We use semiclassical methods to evaluate the spectral two-point correlation
function of quantum chaotic systems with discrete geometrical symmetries. The
energy spectra of these systems can be divided into subspectra that are
associated to irreducible representations of the corresponding symmetry group.
We show that for (spinless) time reversal invariant systems the statistics
inside these subspectra depend on the type of irreducible representation. For
real representations the spectral statistics agree with those of the Gaussian
Orthogonal Ensemble (GOE) of Random Matrix Theory (RMT), whereas complex
representations correspond to the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble (GUE). For systems
without time reversal invariance all subspectra show GUE statistics. There are
no correlations between non-degenerate subspectra. Our techniques generalize
recent developments in the semiclassical approach to quantum chaos allowing one
to obtain full agreement with the two-point correlation function predicted by
RMT, including oscillatory contributions.
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