Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1306.3510 (Pavel Bleher et al.)

Calculation of the constant factor in the six-vertex model    [PDF]

Pavel Bleher, Thomas Bothner

1306.3511 (Rogério Gomes Alves et al.)

Witness trees in the Moser-Tardos algorithmic Lovász Local Lemma and
Penrose trees in the hard core lattice gas

Rogério Gomes Alves, Aldo Procacci

1306.3587 (Paul Chleboun et al.)

Condensation in stochastic particle systems with stationary product

Paul Chleboun, Stefan Grosskinsky

1306.3594 (Andrew Laurtizen et al.)

The 4-Body Problem in a (1+1)-Dimensional Self-Gravitating System    [PDF]

Andrew Laurtizen, Peter Gustainis, Robert B. Mann

1306.3625 (Sourav Chatterjee et al.)

Fluctuations of the Bose-Einstein condensate    [PDF]

Sourav Chatterjee, Persi Diaconis

1306.3628 (Dafeng Zuo)

Euler Equations Related to the Generalized Neveu-Schwarz Algebra    [PDF]

Dafeng Zuo

1306.3638 (Alexandre Jollivet)

Inverse scattering at high energies for the multidimensional Newton
equation in a long range potential

Alexandre Jollivet

1306.3639 (Mathieu Beau et al.)

The ideal Bose gas in open harmonic trap systems and its condensation

Mathieu Beau, Baptiste Savoie

1306.3705 (Andrzej Sitarz)

Wodzicki residue and minimal operators on a noncommutative 4-dimensional

Andrzej Sitarz

1306.3499 (Thiago Prudêncio et al.)

Coherent States, Superpositions of Coherent States and Uncertainty
Relations on a Möbius Strip

Thiago Prudêncio, Diego Julio Cirilo-Lombardo

1306.3711 (Stefano Beltraminelli et al.)

Riemann Hypozhesis: Architecture of a conjecture "along" the lines of
Pólya. From trivial zeros and Harmonic Oscillator to information about
non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta-function

Stefano Beltraminelli, Danilo Merlini, Sergey Sekatskii

1306.3713 (C. M. da Fonseca et al.)

The eigenpairs of a Sylvester-Kac type matrix associated with a simple
model for one-dimensional deposition and evaporation

C. M. da Fonseca, Dan A. Mazilu, Irina Mazilu, H. Thomas Williams

1306.3737 (Maxim V. Pavlov et al.)

Classical Mechanical Systems with one-and-a-half Degrees of Freedom and
Vlasov Kinetic Equation

Maxim V. Pavlov, Sergey P. Tsarev

1306.3751 (M. I. Belishev et al.)

A C*-algebra associated with dynamics on a graph of strings    [PDF]

M. I. Belishev, N. Wada

1306.3756 (G. Bauer et al.)

On Irreversibility and Radiation in Classical Electrodynamics of Point

G. Bauer, D. -A. Deckert, Detlef Dürr, Günter Hinrichs

1306.3761 (Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël et al.)

Permeability through a perforated domain for the incompressible 2D Euler

Virginie Bonnaillie-Noël, Christophe Lacave, Nader Masmoudi

1306.3765 (E. A. Levchenko et al.)

Pattern formation in terms of semiclassically limited distribution on
lower-dimensional manifolds for nonlocal
Fisher--Kolmogorov--Petrovskii--Piskunov equation

E. A. Levchenko, A. V. Shapovalov, A. Yu Trifonov

1306.3782 (Eldad Bettelheim)

Integrable Quantum Hydrodynamics in Two Dimensional Phase Space    [PDF]

Eldad Bettelheim

1306.3785 (Xiaoping Xu)

Moving-Frame Approach to Nonlinear Internal Waves in Oceans    [PDF]

Xiaoping Xu

1306.3809 (Mihailo Stojnic)

Spherical perceptron as a storage memory with limited errors    [PDF]

Mihailo Stojnic

1306.3852 (Sara Angela Filippini et al.)

TBA type equations and tropical curves    [PDF]

Sara Angela Filippini, Jacopo Stoppa

1306.3904 (Domenico Monaco et al.)

Topological invariants of eigenvalue intersections and decrease of
Wannier functions in graphene

Domenico Monaco, Gianluca Panati

1306.3943 (Ivan Contreras)

Relational symplectic groupoids and Poisson sigma models with boundary    [PDF]

Ivan Contreras