Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1111.3375 (Emil A. Yuzbashyan et al.)

Quantum integrability in systems with finite number of levels    [PDF]

Emil A. Yuzbashyan, B. Sriram Shastry

1112.0490 (Dmitry K. Gridnev)

Universal Angular Probability Distribution of Three Particles near Zero
Energy Threshold

Dmitry K. Gridnev

1303.2674 (Scott A. Norris et al.)

Molecular Dynamics estimation of coefficients for irradiated binary
alloys: Testing the Bradley-Shipman theory

Scott A. Norris, Juha Samela, Matias Vestberg, Kai Nordlund, Michael J. Aziz

1303.2714 (Alexandre J. Chorin et al.)

Conditions for successful data assimilation    [PDF]

Alexandre J. Chorin, Matthias Morzfeld

1303.2790 (Jean Dolbeault et al.)

Spectral properties of Schrödinger operators on compact manifolds:
rigidity, flows, interpolation and spectral estimates

Jean Dolbeault, Maria J. Esteban, Ari Laptev, Michael Loss

1303.2794 (Alexei Borodin et al.)

Markov dynamics on the Thoma cone: a model of time-dependent
determinantal processes with infinitely many particles

Alexei Borodin, Grigori Olshanski

1303.2795 (Alexei Borodin et al.)

An interacting particle process related to Young tableaux    [PDF]

Alexei Borodin, Grigori Olshanski

1303.2808 (Stoil Donev et al.)

A nonlinear prerelativistic approach to mathematical representation of
vacuum electromagnetism

Stoil Donev, Maria Tashkova

1303.2832 (Paolo Zanardi)

Local random quantum circuits: ensemble CP maps and swap algebras    [PDF]

Paolo Zanardi

1303.2839 (E. Bas et al.)

A Note Basis Properties for Fractional Hydrogen Atom Equation    [PDF]

E. Bas, F. Metin

1303.2878 (Takanori Ayano et al.)

On Addition Formulae for Sigma Functions of Telescopic Curves    [PDF]

Takanori Ayano, Atsushi Nakayashiki

1303.2880 (A. Goetschy et al.)

Euclidean random matrices and their applications in physics    [PDF]

A. Goetschy, S. E. Skipetrov

1303.2894 (M. Bertola et al.)

The gap probabilities of the tacnode, Pearcey and Airy point processes,
their mutual relationship and evaluation

M. Bertola, M. Cafasso

1303.2964 (Felix Finster et al.)

On the Initial Value Problem for Causal Variational Principles    [PDF]

Felix Finster, Andreas Grotz

1303.2968 (Etienne Sandier et al.)

1D Log Gases and the Renormalized Energy: Crystallization at Vanishing

Etienne Sandier, Sylvia Serfaty

1303.2979 (Hendrik De Bie)

The kernel of the radially deformed Fourier transform    [PDF]

Hendrik De Bie