Friday, May 3, 2013

1109.1344 (Chengming Bai et al.)

Lie 2-bialgebras    [PDF]

Chengming Bai, Yunhe Sheng, Chenchang Zhu

1305.0059 (Boris Gutkin et al.)

Clustering of periodic orbits and ensembles of truncated unitary

Boris Gutkin, Vladimir Al. Osipov

1305.0071 (Andrei Mikhailov et al.)

Cohomology ring of the BRST operator associated to the sum of two pure

Andrei Mikhailov, Albert Schwarz, Renjun Xu

1305.0139 (Nathanael Berestycki et al.)

Condensation of a two-dimensional random walk and the Wulff crystal    [PDF]

Nathanael Berestycki, Ariel Yadin

1305.0154 (Rémi Rhodes et al.)

Spectral dimension of Liouville quantum gravity    [PDF]

Rémi Rhodes, Vincent Vargas

1305.0161 (Francesco Mainardi)

On some properties of the Mittag-Leffler function E_α(-t^α),
completely monotone for t > 0 with 0 < α< 1

Francesco Mainardi

1305.0176 (Jean Bourgain)

A lower bound for the Lyapounov exponents of the random Schrodinger
operator on a strip

Jean Bourgain

1305.0217 (Markus B. Fröb)

Fully renormalized stress tensor correlator in flat space    [PDF]

Markus B. Fröb

1305.0228 (Jorge L. deLyra)

On the Sums of Inverse Even Powers of Zeros of Regular Bessel Functions    [PDF]

Jorge L. deLyra

1305.0332 (Atsushi Mori)

Volume term of work of critical nucleus formation in terms of chemical
potential difference relative to equilibrium one

Atsushi Mori

1305.0380 (Sylvain Carpentier et al.)

Some remarks on non-commutative principal ideal rings    [PDF]

Sylvain Carpentier, Alberto De Sole, Victor G. Kac

1305.0383 (Madhavan Venkatesh)

An Algebraic Topological Construct of Classical Loop Gravity and the
prospect of Higher Dimensions

Madhavan Venkatesh

1305.0399 (Sergey L. Yakovlev et al.)

On Green's functions for Hamiltonians with potentials possessing
singularity at the origin: application to the zero-range potential formalism

Sergey L. Yakovlev, Vitaliy A. Gradusov

1305.0402 (Oscar M. Perdomo)

Constant Speed Ramps    [PDF]

Oscar M. Perdomo

1305.0468 (Maurizio Fagotti et al.)

Stationary behaviour of observables after a quantum quench in the
spin-1/2 Heisenberg XXZ chain

Maurizio Fagotti, Fabian H. L. Essler

1305.0469 (Marianne Leitner)

CFTs on Riemann Surfaces of genus $ g\geq 1$: Dependence on moduli    [PDF]

Marianne Leitner

1305.0486 (L. Pryce et al.)

Weight function approach to study a crack propagating along a bimaterial
interface under asymmetric loading in orthotropic solids

L. Pryce, L. Morini, G. Mishuris

1305.0499 (Paul de Medeiros et al.)

Superconformal quantum field theory in curved spacetime    [PDF]

Paul de Medeiros, Stefan Hollands

1305.0514 (Fabio Bagarello)

Pseudo-bosons for the $D_2$ type quantum Calogero model    [PDF]

Fabio Bagarello

1305.0495 (Bruno Galvan)

Regular Hamiltonians for non-relativistic interacting quantum field

Bruno Galvan

1305.0549 (Nikos Kallinikos et al.)

Symmetries of charged particle motion in electromagnetic fields    [PDF]

Nikos Kallinikos, Efthymia Meletlidou