Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1107.5118 (Zensho Yoshida et al.)

Singular Casimir Elements of the Euler Equation and Equilibrium Points    [PDF]

Zensho Yoshida, Philip J. Morrison, Fernando Dobarro

1108.4108 (M. Nakamura)

Star-product Quantization in Second-class Constraint Systems    [PDF]

M. Nakamura

1110.3893 (Zhe Chang et al.)

Generalization of Rindler Potential at Cluster Scales in
Randers-Finslerian Spacetime: a Possible Explanation of the Bullet Cluster

Zhe Chang, Ming-Hua Li, Hai-Nan Lin, Xin Li

1204.0229 (Francisco M. Fernández)

Accurate calculation of the eigenvalues of a new simple class of
superpotentials in SUSY quantum mechanics

Francisco M. Fernández

1210.0028 (Jorge G. Hirsch et al.)

Virtues and limitations of the truncated Holstein-Primakoff description
of quantum rotors

Jorge G. Hirsch, Octavio Castanos, Ramon Lopez-Pena, Eduardo Nahmad-Achar

1303.0018 (Alireza Aghasi et al.)

Sparse Shape Reconstruction    [PDF]

Alireza Aghasi, Justin Romberg

1303.0031 (Anatoly Manita)

Time Scales in Probabilistic Models of Wireless Sensor Networks    [PDF]

Anatoly Manita

1303.0051 (Binh T. Nguyen et al.)

On the exponential decay of Laplacian eigenfunctions in planar domains
with branches

Binh T. Nguyen, Andrey L. Delytsin, Denis S. Grebenkov

1303.0065 (N. J. Balmforth et al.)

Pattern formation in Hamiltonian systems with continuous spectra; a
normal-form single-wave model

N. J. Balmforth, P. J. Morrison, J. -L. Thiffeault

1303.0072 (Noriaki Kaymiya et al.)

Symmetry of Lie algebras associated with (ε,δ)
Freudenthal-Kantor triple systems

Noriaki Kaymiya, Susumu Okubo

1303.0092 (Biswajit Ransingh)

Vogan diagrams of affine twisted Lie superalgebras    [PDF]

Biswajit Ransingh

1303.0102 (Lyudmyla L. Barannyk et al.)

Optimizing performance of the deconvolution model reduction for large
ODE systems

Lyudmyla L. Barannyk, Alexander Panchenko

1303.0126 (Joris Bierkens et al.)

Linear PDEs and eigenvalue problems corresponding to ergodic stochastic
optimization problems on compact manifolds

Joris Bierkens, Vladimir Y. Chernyak, Michael Chertkov, Hilbert J. Kappen

1303.0217 (J. Bakosi et al.)

A stochastic diffusion process for the Dirichlet distribution    [PDF]

J. Bakosi, J. R. Ristorcelli

1303.0218 (Abraham A. Ungar)

Gyrogroups, the Grouplike Loops in the Service of Hyperbolic Geometry
and Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity

Abraham A. Ungar

1303.0232 (Francesco Biscani et al.)

A first-order secular theory for the post-Newtonian two-body problem
with spin -- I: The restricted case

Francesco Biscani, Sante Carloni

1303.0251 (David Andriot)

Non-geometric fluxes versus (non)-geometry    [PDF]

David Andriot

1303.0257 (Zachary Bradshaw et al.)

Blow-up scenarios for 3D NSE exhibiting sub-criticality with respect to
the scaling of one-dimensional local sparseness

Zachary Bradshaw, Zoran Grujic

1303.0272 (Sergio M. Iguri et al.)

Duality phases and halved maximal D=4 supergravity    [PDF]

Sergio M. Iguri, Victor A. Penas

1303.0373 (Wen-An Yong)

Newtonian limit of Maxwell fluid flows    [PDF]

Wen-An Yong

1303.0399 (Judit X. Madarász et al.)

The Existence of Superluminal Particles is Consistent with Relativistic

Judit X. Madarász, Gergely Székely

1303.0443 (Sergey Avvakumov et al.)

Euler elasticae in the plane and the Whitney--Graustein theorem    [PDF]

Sergey Avvakumov, Oleg Karpenkov, Alexey Sossinsky

1303.0451 (Jiryo Komeda et al.)

The sigma function for Weierstrass semigroups <3,7,8> and

Jiryo Komeda, Shigeki Matsutani, Emma Previato

1303.0483 (Alexei Deriglazov et al.)

Rigid particle revisited: extrinsic curvature yields the Dirac equation    [PDF]

Alexei Deriglazov, Armen Nersessian

1303.0559 (Abderrahim El Mouhafid et al.)

Transport Properties for Triangular Barriers in Graphene    [PDF]

Abderrahim El Mouhafid, Ahmed Jellal

1303.0578 (John Gough et al.)

Quantum Filtering in Coherent States    [PDF]

John Gough, Claus Kostler

1303.0589 (Michael V. Klibanov et al.)

A globally convergent algorithm for the frequency sounding and
Slichter-Langer-Tikhonov problem of electrical prospecting

Michael V. Klibanov, Alexandre Timonov

1303.0615 (Chol-hui Yun et al.)

Construction of Fractal Surfaces by Recurrent Fractal Interpolation

Chol-hui Yun, Hui-chol Choi, Hyong-chol O

1303.0623 (Jun Ohkubo)

Excess quantity derived from fiber bundles in counting statistics    [PDF]

Jun Ohkubo

1303.0688 (A. P. Balachandran et al.)

Entanglement and Particle Identity: A Unifying Approach    [PDF]

A. P. Balachandran, T. R. Govindarajan, Amilcar R. de Queiroz, A. F. Reyes-Lega

1303.0708 (Zbigniew Ambrozinski)

Tunneling in cosine potential with periodic boundary conditions    [PDF]

Zbigniew Ambrozinski

1303.0717 (Martin Kohlmann)

The two-component Camassa-Holm system in weighted $L_p$ spaces    [PDF]

Martin Kohlmann

1303.0753 (A. Marshakov)

Tau-functions for Quiver Gauge Theories    [PDF]

A. Marshakov

1303.0761 (Alexei Daletskii et al.)

A Phase Transition in a Quenched Amorphous Ferromagnet    [PDF]

Alexei Daletskii, Yuri Kondratiev, Yuri Kozitsky, Tanja Pasurek

1303.0773 (Estelle Basor et al.)

Perturbed Laguerre Unitary Ensembles, Painlevé V and Information

Estelle Basor, Yang Chen, Matthew R. McKay

1303.0806 (Yoon Seok Choun)

Generalization of the three-term recurrence formula and its applications    [PDF]

Yoon Seok Choun

1303.0807 (A. Dvurecenskij et al.)

Lexicographic Product vs $\mathbb Q$-perfect and $\mathbb H$-perfect
Pseudo Effect Algebras

A. Dvurecenskij, M. Kolarik

1303.0813 (Yoon Seok Choun)

Analytic solution for grand confluent hypergeometric function    [PDF]

Yoon Seok Choun

1303.0819 (Yoon Seok Choun)

The integral formalism and the generating function of grand confluent
hypergeometric function

Yoon Seok Choun

1303.0820 (Yoon Seok Choun)

The power series expansion of Mathieu function and its integral

Yoon Seok Choun

1303.0830 (Yoon Seok Choun)

The analytic solution for the power series expansion of Heun function    [PDF]

Yoon Seok Choun