Friday, August 10, 2012

1206.3453 (A. V. Bratchikov)

Gauge algebra of irreducible theories in the Sp(2)-symmetric BRST

A. V. Bratchikov

1208.1782 (David Bermudez)

Complex SUSY Transformations and the Painleve IV Equation    [PDF]

David Bermudez

1208.1792 (Simone Calogero et al.)

Ground states of self-gravitating elastic bodies    [PDF]

Simone Calogero, Tommaso Leonori

1208.1838 (Michael A. Soloviev)

Twisted convolution and Moyal star product of generalized functions    [PDF]

Michael A. Soloviev

1208.1866 (Petr Siegl et al.)

Metric operator for the imaginary cubic oscillator does not exist    [PDF]

Petr Siegl, David Krejcirik

1208.1871 (D. J. Colquitt et al.)

Localisation for a line defect in an infinite square lattice    [PDF]

D. J. Colquitt, M. J. Nieves, I. S. Jones, A. B. Movchan, N. V. Movchan

1208.1888 (H. Ramezanpour et al.)

A Modal Series Representation of Genesio Chaotic System    [PDF]

H. Ramezanpour, B. Razeghi, G. Darmani, S. Noei, A. Sargolzaei

1208.1909 (Myongha Kim)

On explicit representations of Green's function for linear fractional
differential operator with variable coefficients

Myongha Kim

1208.1947 (Martin Gebert et al.)

Localization for random block operators    [PDF]

Martin Gebert, Peter Müller

1208.1953 (Hernán Cendra et al.)

An extension of the Dirac and Gotay-Nester theories of constraints for
Dirac dynamical systems

Hernán Cendra, María Etchechoury, Sebastián J. Ferraro

1208.2006 (S. Richard et al.)

Low energy spectral and scattering theory for relativistic Schroedinger

S. Richard, T. Umeda