Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1212.6963 (I. V. Kanatchikov)

On precanonical quantization of gravity in spin connection variables    [PDF]

I. V. Kanatchikov

1302.4459 (Adam Sawicki et al.)

A link between Quantum Entanglement, Secant varieties and Sphericity    [PDF]

Adam Sawicki, Valdemar V. Tsanov

1302.4481 (Spencer Bloch et al.)

On the Holonomic Rank Problem    [PDF]

Spencer Bloch, An Huang, Bong H. Lian, Vasudevan Srinivas, Shing-Tung Yau

1302.4483 (Stephane Nonnenmacher et al.)

Decay of correlations for normally hyperbolic trapping    [PDF]

Stephane Nonnenmacher, Maciej Zworski

1302.4493 (I. Danilenko)

Modified Hamilton formalism for fields    [PDF]

I. Danilenko

1302.4497 (Carlos Jimenez et al.)

Calculation of the determinant in the Wheeler-De Witt equation    [PDF]

Carlos Jimenez, Nelson Vanegas

1302.4520 (M. Nakamura)

Uncertainty Relations and Quantum Effects of Constraints in Chern-Simons

M. Nakamura

1302.4523 (Andrey Mironov et al.)

Discretization of Baker-Akhiezer Modules and Commuting Difference
Operators in Several Discrete Variables

Andrey Mironov, Atsushi Nakayashiki

1302.4532 (Ji Oon Lee et al.)

Local deformed semicircle law and complete delocalization for Wigner
matrices with random potential

Ji Oon Lee, Kevin Schnelli

1302.4571 (Sanjib Dey et al.)

Hermitian versus non-Hermitian representations for minimal length
uncertainty relations

Sanjib Dey, Andreas Fring, Boubakeur Khantoul

1302.4596 (Matthias Hieber et al.)

Dynamics of Nematic Liquid Crystal Flows: the Quasilinear Approach    [PDF]

Matthias Hieber, Manuel Nesensohn, Jan Prüss, Katharina Schade

1302.4614 (L. Menculini et al.)

Exact solutions of the (2+1) Dimensional Dirac equation in a constant
magnetic field in the presence of a minimal length

L. Menculini, O. Panella, P. Roy

1302.4623 (Veronika Gáliková et al.)

Coulomb problem in NC quantum mechanics: Exact solution and
non-perturbative aspects

Veronika Gáliková, Peter Presnajder

1302.4632 (Alexei Iantchenko et al.)

Resonances for 1D massless Dirac operators    [PDF]

Alexei Iantchenko, Evgeny Korotyaev

1302.4649 (Y. Ikhlef et al.)

Discrete holomorphicity and quantized affine algebras    [PDF]

Y. Ikhlef, R. Weston, M. Wheeler, P. Zinn-Justin

1302.4654 (Szilárd Szalay)

Quantum entanglement in finite-dimensional Hilbert spaces    [PDF]

Szilárd Szalay

1302.4686 (Na Wang et al.)

Categorification of the Heisenberg algebra and MacMahon function    [PDF]

Na Wang, Zhixi Wang, Ke Wu, Jie Yang, Zifeng Yang

1302.4734 (Marco Ghimenti et al.)

The role of the scalar curvature in some singularly perturbed coupled
elliptic systems on Riemannian manifolds

Marco Ghimenti, Anna Maria Micheletti, Angela Pistoia

1302.4737 (Paolo Aschieri et al.)

Constitutive relations and Schrödinger's formulation of nonlinear
electromagnetic theories

Paolo Aschieri, Sergio Ferrara

1302.4738 (Jason Miller et al.)

Imaginary geometry IV: interior rays, whole-plane reversibility, and
space-filling trees

Jason Miller, Scott Sheffield