Thursday, June 20, 2013

1305.1278 (Michele Caselle et al.)

Quantisation of the effective string with TBA    [PDF]

Michele Caselle, Davide Fioravanti, Ferdinando Gliozzi, Roberto Tateo

1305.1967 (Robert S MacKay et al.)

Bifurcations of transition states: Morse bifurcations    [PDF]

Robert S MacKay, Dayal C Strub

1306.4375 (Mihailo Stojnic)

Discrete perceptrons    [PDF]

Mihailo Stojnic

1306.4352 (David Reeb et al.)

(Im-)Proving Landauer's Principle    [PDF]

David Reeb, Michael M. Wolf

1306.4354 (Jose Navarro)

On second-order, divergence-free tensors    [PDF]

Jose Navarro

1306.4366 (Wojciech De Roeck et al.)

Quantum Diffusion with Drift and the Einstein Relation I    [PDF]

Wojciech De Roeck, Juerg Froehlich, Kevin Schnelli

1306.4367 (Wojciech De Roeck et al.)

Quantum Diffusion with Drift and the Einstein Relation II    [PDF]

Wojciech De Roeck, Juerg Froehlich, Kevin Schnelli

1306.4370 (M. Asorey et al.)

Attractive and Repulsive Casimir Vacuum Energy with General Boundary

M. Asorey, J. M. Munoz-Castaneda

1306.4371 (Avner Peleg et al.)

Many-body interaction in fast soliton collisions    [PDF]

Avner Peleg, Quan M. Nguyen, Paul Glenn

1306.4381 (David Andriot et al.)

β-supergravity: a ten-dimensional theory with non-geometric
fluxes, and its geometric framework

David Andriot, Andre Betz

1306.4388 (Thomas Creutzig et al.)

Modular Data and Verlinde Formulae for Fractional Level WZW Models II    [PDF]

Thomas Creutzig, David Ridout

1306.4403 (Joseph Ben Geloun et al.)

The finite and large-$N$ behaviors of independent-value matrix models    [PDF]

Joseph Ben Geloun, John R. Klauder

1306.4405 (Gerald V. Dunne et al.)

Generating Energy Eigenvalue Trans-series from Perturbation Theory    [PDF]

Gerald V. Dunne, Mithat Unsal

1306.4464 (Jean-Marie Barbaroux et al.)

Quantitative Estimates on the Binding Energy for Hydrogen in
Non-Relativistic QED. II. The spin case

Jean-Marie Barbaroux, Semjon Vugalter

1306.4498 (Tomaz Prosen et al.)

Families of quasi-local conservation laws and quantum spin transport    [PDF]

Tomaz Prosen, Enej Ilievski

1306.4507 (H. Lacoin et al.)

The heat equation shrinks Ising droplets to points    [PDF]

H. Lacoin, F. Simenhaus, F. L. Toninelli

1306.4531 (Sabina Alazzawi et al.)

Generalized Kraus Operators and Generators of Quantum Dynamical

Sabina Alazzawi, Bernhard Baumgartner

1306.4571 (B. G. Konopelchenko et al.)

Cohomological, Poisson structures and integrable hierarchies in
tautological subbundles for Birkhoff strata of Sato Grassmannian

B. G. Konopelchenko, G. Ortenzi

1306.4590 (Wei He)

N=2 supersymmetric QCD and Heun equation    [PDF]

Wei He

1306.4610 (A. G. Volosniev et al.)

Strongly-interacting fermions in one dimension and microscopic magnetism    [PDF]

A. G. Volosniev, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen, M. Valiente, N. T. Zinner

1306.4613 (Paul Benioff)

Effects of gauge theory based number scaling on geometry    [PDF]

Paul Benioff

1306.4645 (E. Capelas de Oliveira et al.)

Elko Spinor Fields and Massive Magnetic Like Monopoles    [PDF]

E. Capelas de Oliveira, W. A. Rodrigues Jr., J. Vaz Jr

1306.4647 (Andre Diatta et al.)

Cloaking via change of variables in elastic impedance tomography    [PDF]

Andre Diatta, Sebastien Guenneau