Monday, November 12, 2012

1111.5939 (Mahito Kohmoto et al.)

The Spectral Shift Function and The Friedel Sum Rule    [PDF]

Mahito Kohmoto, Tohru Koma, Shu Nakamura

1209.5118 (Henri Anciaux et al.)

Marginally trapped submanifolds in Lorentzian space forms and in the
Lorentzian product of a space form by the real line

Henri Anciaux, Yamile Godoy

1211.2008 (J. -F. Bercher)

On generalized Cram'er-Rao inequalities and characterizations of
generalized $q$-Gaussian distributions: the multidimensional case

J. -F. Bercher

1211.2021 (Mark J. Panaggio et al.)

Chimera states on a flat torus    [PDF]

Mark J. Panaggio, Daniel M. Abrams

1211.2046 (Kazuyuki Genma et al.)

Height correlation of rippled graphene and Lundeberg-Folk formula for

Kazuyuki Genma, Makoto Katori

1211.2076 (José F. Cariñena et al.)

The quantum free particle on spherical and hyperbolic spaces: A
curvature dependent approach II

José F. Cariñena, Manuel F. Rañada, Mariano Santander

1211.2107 (B. J. Hiley)

Process, Distinction, Groupoids and Clifford Algebras: an Alternative
View of the Quantum Formalism

B. J. Hiley

1211.2145 (William D. Kirwin et al.)

Coherent state transforms and the Mackey-Stone-Von Neumann theorem    [PDF]

William D. Kirwin, José M. Mourão, João P. Nunes

1211.2167 (Samuel Monnier)

Global anomalies and chiral p-forms    [PDF]

Samuel Monnier

1211.2172 (Paola Comparin et al.)

The mirror symmetry of K3 surfaces with non-symplectic automorphisms of
prime order

Paola Comparin, Christopher Lyons, Nathan Priddis, Rachel Suggs

1211.2181 (C. Maes et al.)

Fluctuation-response relations for nonequilibrium diffusions with memory    [PDF]

C. Maes, S. Safaverdi, P. Visco, F. van Wijland

1211.2205 (Benjamin Seibold et al.)

StaRMAP - A second order staggered grid method for spherical harmonics
moment equations of radiative transfer

Benjamin Seibold, Martin Frank

1211.2226 (Zoltán Zimborás et al.)

A Dynamic Systems Approach to Fermions with Interrelation to Spins    [PDF]

Zoltán Zimborás, Robert Zeier, Michael Keyl, T. Schulte-Herbrueggen