Friday, July 6, 2012

1005.0140 (Yunhe Sheng)

Representations of hom-Lie algebras    [PDF]

Yunhe Sheng

1103.1863 (Richard Shurtleff)

U(N) Based Transformations in N-Squared Dimensions    [PDF]

Richard Shurtleff

1106.5707 (Subhasis Panda et al.)

Metric deformation and boundary value problems in 2D    [PDF]

Subhasis Panda, Tapomoy Guha Sarkar, S Pratik Khastgir

1107.2983 (Shigeki Matsutani et al.)

Fractal Structure of Equipotential Curves on a Continuum Percolation

Shigeki Matsutani, Yoshiyuki Shimosako, Yunhong Wang

1207.1017 (Loïc Le Treust)

A variational study of some hadron bag models    [PDF]

Loïc Le Treust

1207.1109 (Sergei Alexandrov et al.)

D3-instantons, Mock Theta Series and Twistors    [PDF]

Sergei Alexandrov, Jan Manschot, Boris Pioline

1207.1113 (I. P. Costa e Silva)

On the geodesic incompleteness of spacetimes containing marginally outer
trapped surfaces

I. P. Costa e Silva

1207.1122 (Christian Maes et al.)

Heat bounds and the blowtorch theorem    [PDF]

Christian Maes, Karel Netocny

1207.1125 (Shmuel Fishman et al.)

Multiscale time averaging, Reloaded    [PDF]

Shmuel Fishman, Avy Soffer

1207.1175 (Nikolay Tzvetkov et al.)

Invariant measures and long time behaviour for the Benjamin-Ono equation    [PDF]

Nikolay Tzvetkov, Nicola Visciglia

1207.1176 (Carl M. Bender et al.)

Unbounded C-symmetries and their nonuniqueness    [PDF]

Carl M. Bender, Sergii Kuzhel

1207.1200 (J. P. Gazeau et al.)

Pisot q-Coherent states quantization of the harmonic oscillator    [PDF]

J. P. Gazeau, M. A. del Olmo

1207.1227 (Eugene Gutkin et al.)

Joint numerical ranges, quantum maps, and joint numerical shadows    [PDF]

Eugene Gutkin, Karol Zyczkowski

1207.1252 (Paul Federbush)

The Dimer Gas Mayer Series, the Monomer-Dimer lambda_d(p), the Federbush

Paul Federbush

1207.1262 (S. L. Cacciatori et al.)

Compact Lie groups: Euler constructions and generalized Dyson conjecture    [PDF]

S. L. Cacciatori, F. Dalla Piazza, A. Scotti

1207.1270 (L. Gallot et al.)

Higher dimensional abelian Chern-Simons theories and their link

L. Gallot, E. Pilon, F. Thuillier

1207.1297 (Paul B. Slater)

Bures and Hilbert-Schmidt 2 x 2 Determinantal Moments    [PDF]

Paul B. Slater

1207.1305 (Allyson Oliveira)

Symmetry, bifurcation and stacking of the central configurations of the
planar 1+4 body problem

Allyson Oliveira

1207.1308 (Aristophanes Dimakis et al.)

Darboux Transformations in Bidifferential Calculus, and the Integrable
Case of Vacuum Einstein Equations

Aristophanes Dimakis, Folkert Mueller-Hoissen

1207.1340 (P. P. Goldstein et al.)

Soliton surfaces associated with sigma models; differential and
algebraic aspect

P. P. Goldstein, A. M. Grundland, S. Post