Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2642 (Xizhe Zhang et al.)

Structure controllability of complex network based on preferential

Xizhe Zhang, Tianyang Lv, Bin Zhang
Minimum driver node sets (MDSs) play an important role in studying structural controllability of complex network. Existing research claims that driver nodes tend to avoid high degree nodes. In this paper, we discover that MDS may be composed of high- and medium- degree nodes. We propose a preferential matching algorithm to find MDS satisfying a specific topological property. Our experiments show that the average degree of some MDSs can be obviously higher than that of the whole network by using this method. Moreover, the average degree of MDS of some networks can be higher than or equal to that of networks even using the traditional matching algorithm. We find that whether the driver nodes tend to avoid high degree nodes depends on the orientation of edges in a network. This result complements previous works and shows a new perspective to explore the controllability of complex network.
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