Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1111.2547 (Michael Lashkevich)

Resonances in sinh- and sine-Gordon models and higher equations of
motion in Liouville theory

Michael Lashkevich
The notion of operator resonances was introduced earlier by Al. Zamolodchikov within the framework of the conformal perturbation theory. The resonances are related to logarithmic divergences of integrals in the perturbation expansion, and manifest themselves in poles of the correlation functions and form factors of local operators considered as functions of conformal dimensions. The residues of the poles can be computed by means of some operator identities. Here we study the resonances in the Liouville, sinh- and sine-Gordon models, considered as perturbations of a massless free boson. We show that the well-known higher equations of motion discovered by Al. Zamolodchikov in the Liouville field theory are nothing but resonance identities for some descendant operators. The resonance expansion in the vicinity of a resonance point provides a regularized version of the corresponding operators. We try to construct the corresponding resonance identities and resonance expansions in the sinh- and sine-Gordon theories. In some cases it can be done explicitly, but in most cases we are only able to obtain a general form so far. We show nevertheless that the resonances are perturbatively exact, which means that each of them only appears in a single term of the perturbation theory.
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