Friday, April 20, 2012

1204.4324 (Stjepan Meljanac et al.)

Kappa-deformation of Heisenberg algebra and coalgebra; generalized
Poincare algebras and R-matrix

Stjepan Meljanac, Andjelo Samsarov, Rina Strajn
We deform Heisenberg algebra and corresponding coalgebra by twist. We present undeformed and deformed tensor identities. Coalgebras for the generalized Poincar\'{e} algebras have been constructed. The exact universal $R$-matrix for the deformed Heisenberg (co)algebra is found. We show, up to the third order in the deformation parameter, that in the case of $\kappa$-Poincar\'{e} Hopf algebra this $R$-matrix can be expressed in terms of Poincar\'{e} generators only. This implies that the states of any number of identical particles can be defined in a $\kappa$-covariant way.
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