Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1204.2122 (Bindu A. Bambah et al.)

Entanglement in a model for Hawking radiation: An Application of
Quadratic Algebras

Bindu A. Bambah, C. Mukku, T. Shreecharan, K. Siva Prasad
Quadratic polynomially deformed $su(1,1)$ and $su(2)$ algebras are utilised in model Hamiltonians to show how the gravitational system consisting of a black hole, infalling radiation and outgoing (Hawking) radiation can be solved exactly. The models allow us to study the long-time behaviour of the black hole and its outgoing modes. In particular, we calculate the bipartite entanglement entropies of subsystems consisting of a) infalling plus outgoing modes and b) black hole modes plus the infalling modes,using the Janus-faced nature of the model.The long-time behaviour also gives us glimpses of modifications in the character of Hawking radiation. Lastly, we study the phenomenon of superradiance in our model in analogy with atomic Dicke superradiance.
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