Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1204.5463 (Andreas Frommer et al.)

Deflation and Flexible SAP-Preconditioning of GMRES in Lattice QCD

Andreas Frommer, Andrea Nobile, Paul Zingler
The simulation of lattice QCD on massively parallel computers stimulated the development of scalable algorithms for the solution of sparse linear systems. We tackle the problem of the Wilson-Dirac operator inversion by combining a Schwarz alternating procedure (SAP) in multiplicative form with a flexible variant of the GMRES-DR algorithm. We show that restarted GMRES is not able to converge when the system is poorly conditioned. By adding deflation in the form of the FGMRES-DR algorithm, an important fraction of the information produced by the iterates is kept between successive restarts leading to convergence in cases in which FGMRES stagnates.
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