Monday, April 23, 2012

1204.4503 (Paul Cuff et al.)

Glauber Dynamics for the mean-field Potts Model    [PDF]

Paul Cuff, Jian Ding, Oren Louidor, Eyal Lubetzky, Yuval Peres, Allan Sly
We study Glauber dynamics for the mean-field (Curie-Weiss) Potts model with $q\geq 3$ states and show that it undergoes a critical slowdown at an inverse-temperature $\beta_s(q)$ strictly lower than the critical $\beta_c(q)$ for uniqueness of the thermodynamic limit. The dynamical critical $\beta_s(q)$ is the spinodal point marking the onset of metastability. We prove that when $\beta<\beta_s(q)$ the mixing time is asymptotically $C(\beta, q) n \log n$ and the dynamics exhibits the cutoff phenomena, a sharp transition in mixing, with a window of order $n$. At $\beta=\beta_s(q)$ the dynamics no longer exhibits cutoff and its mixing obeys a power-law of order $n^{4/3}$. For $\beta>\beta_s(q)$ the mixing time is exponentially large in $n$. Furthermore, as $\beta \uparrow \beta_s$ with $n$, the mixing time interpolates smoothly from subcritical to critical behavior, with the latter reached at a scaling window of $O(n^{-2/3})$ around $\beta_s$. These results form the first complete analysis of the critical slowdown of a dynamics with a first order phase transition.
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