Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5854 (J. Fernando Barbero G. et al.)

Hamiltonian treatment of linear field theories in the presence of
boundaries: a geometric approach

J. Fernando Barbero G., Jorge Prieto, Eduardo J. S. Villaseñor
The purpose of this paper is to study in detail the constraint structure of the Hamiltonian and symplectic-Lagrangian descriptions for the scalar and electromagnetic fields in the presence of spatial boundaries. We carefully discuss the implementation of the geometric constraint algorithm of Gotay, Nester and Hinds with special emphasis on the relevant functional analytic aspects of the problem. This is an important step towards the rigorous understanding of general field theories in the presence of boundaries, very especially when these fail to be regular. The geometric approach developed in the paper is also useful with regard to the interpretation of the physical degrees of freedom and the nature of the constraints when both gauge symmetries and boundaries are present.
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