Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6540 (Everton M. C. Abreu et al.)

Analytical and numerical analysis of a rotational invariant D=2 harmonic
oscillator in the light of different noncommutative phase-space

Everton M. C. Abreu, Mateus V. Marcial, Albert C. R. Mendes, Wilson Oliveira
In this work we have investigated some properties of classical phase-space with symplectic structures consistent, at the classical level, with two noncommutative (NC) algebras: the Doplicher-Fredenhagen-Roberts algebraic relations and the NC approach which uses an extended Hilbert space with rotational symmetry. This extended Hilbert space includes the operators $\theta^{ij}$ and their conjugate momentum $\pi_{ij}$ operators. In this scenario, the equations of motion for all extended phase-space coordinates with their corresponding solutions were determined and a rotational invariant NC Newton's second law was written. As an application, we treated a NC harmonic oscillator constructed in this extended Hilbert space. We have showed precisely that its solution is still periodic if and only if the ratio between the frequencies of oscillation is a rational number. We investigated, analytically and numerically, the solutions of this NC oscillator in a two-dimensional phase-space. The result led us to conclude that noncommutativity induces a stable perturbation into the commutative standard oscillator and that the rotational symmetry is not broken. Besides, we have demonstrated through the equations of motion that a zero momentum $\pi_{ij}$ originated a constant NC parameter, namely, $\theta^{ij}=const.$, which changes the original variable characteristic of $\theta^{ij}$ and reduces the phase-space of the system. This result shows that the momentum $\pi_{ij}$ is relevant and cannot be neglected when we have that $\theta^{ij}$ is a coordinate of the system.
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