Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5816 (Thomas Trogdon et al.)

Dispersive and soliton perturbations of finite-genus solutions of the
KdV equation: computational results

Thomas Trogdon, Bernard Deconinck
All solutions of the Korteweg -- de Vries equation that are bounded on the real line are physically relevant, depending on the application area of interest. Usually, both analytical and numerical approaches consider solution profiles that are either spatially localized or (quasi)periodic. In this paper, we discuss a class of solutions that is a nonlinear superposition of these two cases: their asymptotic state for large $|x|$ is (quasi)periodic, but they may contain solitons, with or without dispersive tails. Such scenarios might occur in the case of localized perturbations of previously present sea swell, for instance. Such solutions have been discussed from an analytical point of view only recently. We numerically demonstrate different features of these solutions.
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