Monday, May 27, 2013

1010.4691 (H. Duminil-Copin et al.)

Sharp metastability threshold for an anisotropic bootstrap percolation

H. Duminil-Copin, A. C. D. Van Enter
Bootstrap percolation models have been extensively studied during the two past decades. In this article, we study the following "anisotropic" bootstrap percolation model: the neighborhood of a point (m,n) is the set \[\{(m+2,n),(m+1,n),(m,n+1),(m-1,n),(m-2,n),(m,n-1)\}.\] At time 0, sites are occupied with probability p. At each time step, sites that are occupied remain occupied, while sites that are not occupied become occupied if and only if three of more sites in their neighborhood are occupied. We prove that it exhibits a sharp metastability threshold. This is the first mathematical proof of a sharp threshold for an anisotropic bootstrap percolation model.
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