Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6658 (Dong Eui Chang et al.)

On the Self-Recovery Phenomenon in the Process of Diffusion    [PDF]

Dong Eui Chang, Soo Jeon
We report a new phenomenon, called self-recovery, in the process of diffusion in a region with boundary. Suppose that a diffusing quantity is uniformly distributed initially and then gets excited by the change in the boundary values over a time interval. When the boundary values return to their initial values and stop varying afterwards, the value of a physical quantity related to the diffusion automatically comes back to its original value. This self-recovery phenomenon has been discovered and fairly well understood for finite-dimensional mechanical systems with viscous damping. In this paper, we show that it also occurs in the process of diffusion. Several examples are provided from fluid flows, quasi-static electromagnetic fields and heat conduction. In particular, our result in fluid flows provides a dynamic explanation for the famous experiment by Sir G.I. Taylor with glycerine in an annulus on kinematic reversibility of low-Reynolds-number flows.
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